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  1. Happening

    So I got a Flare Devil from epic road and I need some help with the item build and/or maybe the best way to progress on my vagabond. I'm currently wearing full halidom armor set, Becky's Special Goggles sub, Mechanical Dragon Essence magic stone, Great Glory Bracelet, Gigantic necklace, random magic sealed ring, and Flare Devil. My questions are:

    1. Do I need to stack fire for Flare Devil? I read that fire damage isn't as effective on % classes, no idea how this works.

    2. What are the BiS for this and maybe some other alternatives? I think unique/legendary alternatives are more realistic for now, but I would like to know the epics for future reference if possible.

    3. I was farming for gracia set, but I have been told it doesn't work well with Flare Devil. Does the set turn Flare Devil into light damage or does it remain fire?

    4. Should I keep farming for gracia set anyways because it can be better than Flare Devil with another weapon?

    5. If I don't need gracia set, what exactly should I be doing daily from now on to progress on my vagabond?

    6. What should I pick from the legendary armor box/quest box other than the sea god pants if gracia is no long useful?

    7. Might be a bit off-topic, but I'm guessing I will need a lot of gold for buying other items, any tips on best ways to make gold?

    Much appreciated!
  2. SkyArt

    Fire damage stacking is effective for any class that's using fire, and with a weapon that has additional fire dmg like flare devil or yang you want to stack as much as possible.

    BiS would be submarine full set but you want to watch out for epics like flame drip trousers, submarine belt, or tactical belt. Basically anything that increases fire damage. Edit: actually plenty of the lvl 85 epic sets are better, at least until rework, but you shouldn't be worying about BiS anyways.

    Your damage would get turned into light, but the procs from the weapon would still be fire. Gracia wepon or lib would serve you better if your going for gracia.

    It depends on how much you want to spend. I'm in a similar situation with my vaga im leveling. I have a flare devil to transfer but I know I'll need some other gear to build around it. So I've decided to run hell until I get either 1 decent off slot epic and another weapon for gracia setup, or some fire epics like pyromancer, flame drop, and sub belt to build around.
    Great glory bracelet is a good choice if you have no smash/crit mods. The necklace is another good choice and works well with flare devil since it adds up to 17 or 18 ele damage.

    I don't know what other classes you have and your gear, but for me I'm running todes daily on all alts for that long term profit. Suju tournement dailys for beads can get you a good amount every few days and normal Anton daily for beads can make you quite a bit as well.
  3. Svados

    How much fire damage would you need with Flare devil to be on par with 6pc gracia?
  4. madchickins Zhu c 666

    Given your light damage sits at roughly under 166, you don't need any fire damage for flare devil to out damage 6 gracia.
    Also not counting flare devil's fire damage
    Flare proc 30% to deal 35% average 10.5% per hit
    Gracia proc 100% to deal 6% average 6%

    222 being the coefficient
    166.5 averages 10.5% of gracia's 6%

    Not counting resistances and defences/piercing, Flare will require nothing to out damage gracia 6, only until light damage satisfies 166 or higher.

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