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  1. madchickins Zhu c 666

    oh in that case, get a 9 pc blood reaper set + mist katana, that build is fool proof, you'll destroy everything and the next content (castle of the dead) all the way until anton
  2. Mr. Sly Guest

    I thought about that but I also am having a hard time getting used to using blood sword. Feels a lil strange for me for some reason, prolly cuz I like combo'ing mountainous wheel/gore cross/bloodlust/raging fury more.

    What about Infinite Onslaught? Seems like a nice set too.
  3. madchickins Zhu c 666

    it buffs your percentage skills and your much weaker skills to make them viable with a decent derange bonus. going this build will not allow you to become as bursty as the other sets but it promotes combo chain on a zerk. It counter acts the berserker character design because it promotes DPS on a BURST class. If you like it then by all means go for it
  4. Mr. Sly Guest

    Guess you got a point there lol. I do prefer one shotting rooms in OV than dps'ing lol.
  5. Phenir

    Outrage break's initial slam does not do Percent damage. The tiny hitbox on the blood sword does and it barely does any damage (663% at 21).

    I really would recommend against running infinite onslaught. To use that set to its full potential would require you to stand in the same area for too long to be safe. Remember, you will be at <30% hp all of the time and enemies on higher difficulties will be capable of 1 shotting you at that hp.
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  6. Mr. Sly Guest

    God I learned this the hard way.. I went from a soul bender to a zerk, so I had cloth armor on too lol.... I guess blood reaper let's you keep twister so that'll be it for me :P
  7. gehu still stuck in SIROCCO, but i can hue in CAIN now

    comboing blood sword when u use 9/9 blood reaper is hella easy. because theres no need to combo:V
    but seriously when you got the 'explode on impact' effect from the set its only a matter of MW > x > blood sword, run around rinse and repeat
  8. Phenir

    Last patch, Blood Sword was changed to have that effect even without Blood Reaper. Blood Reaper stills helps a lot though with the massive explosion range so aiming is a lot easier. The combo set up you wrote is what I use as well.

    Speaking of last patch changes, the ability to cancel out of blood sword can be pretty useful. Bloodlust if they are close or outrage break/mw if they are further away. Red Rose also was changed so the shock waves at the start of the skill deal damage, slightly less than contact with the orb does.
  9. madchickins Zhu c 666

    i feel red rose does so much damage now, a single cast can clear a room with a unique mob or kill a whole boss on it's own. it technically does more damage than blood boom if all the pulses hit. Does even more if the boss has a large hit box or is really tall so that the start of redrose consistently hits him lmao. hyper mecha tau for example feels my balls rubbing on his face everytime.
  10. Mr. Sly Guest

    So if you need to hold down burst fury to keep the hitstun up(and stand in place while doing this) why do we need this skill period if not for the damage? I mean, I'd think the hitstun would be useful if it stayed in a spot constantly without you also having to stand there. Gimme a scenario to use it in? x.x
  11. madchickins Zhu c 666

    nah just have thirst up, press it and continue what you're doing. if you dont have thirst up then you gotta hold the skill down so it draws out the damage.
  12. Mr. Sly Guest

    Stupid skill tester lying to me.... ty lol.

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