Necromancy and Zieg Defense Debuffs in depth

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    Anton raid has a 100k defense reduction cap (Note: my testing suggests there is no such cap in training room, so go nuts). Soul Bender’s have a lot of ways to debuff magic defense naturally in their kit, the most prevalent which is the 30/6/6 Bremen build. However, they also have two other mechanisms that directly debuff defense in Zieg and Necromancy Bremen. The in-game description of these is not very good, so I’ve been testing how exactly they work. I’ve tried to test this as thoroughly as possible in training room, and am fairly confident with the results- it would be great if other people try and verify them though.

    Disclaimer: I have never done Anton normal or raid. Whatever I reference with respect to these dungeons is educated guess from reading the Normal Anton guide shown here:


    Zieg’s scream when casting Bremen has a defense debuff component to them. When debuffed, the monsters will show some red squares. [​IMG]
    This debuff has a hidden duration dependent on Zieg’s level, shown here:

    This debuff appears to stack indefinitely; that is, if you cast Bremen and Zieg screams again, you will get additional defense reduction. You can test this by spamming Bremen in the training room and watching your test monster take increasingly more damage. Based on the duration of the debuff, you can theoretically have 2 or 3 stacks of this “Zieg Scream” debuff active at one time.

    If you manipulate Zieg levels, know that the defense shred is snapshot, however, the duration is NOT snapshot and will be equal to the current zieg level. Yes, this is extremely counter-intuitive, but this is what my testing has shown.

    Necromancy Bremen

    When Bremen is Necromancy’d, hitting an enemy has a 100 percent chance of debuffing the target’s defense, up to a certain number of stacks. When debuffed, the monsters will show some blue squares:
    Like Zieg, this debuff has a hidden duration based on level, shown below:

    These stacks appear to have a maximum efficacy of one stack/second- this can be seen when trying to stack it more quickly with Blade Phantom/Ice Saya Crystals, which attack multiple times per second. For a level 6 necromancy (which only requires a Tact contract), this means you need to hit a monster for at least 12 seconds to get maximum debuff.

    Necromancy is snapshot. It will show “Bremen Level x” as a buff icon, dependent on your necromancy level at time of activation.

    Real World Application

    As stated before, Anton raid has a 100k defense reduction cap. How good can Benders do with 30/6/6?

    30/6/6 Bremen: 75758 mdef
    Zieg scream: 11510-12990
    Level 6 Necromancy Bremen: 9300 (12 stacks)
    Total debuff: 96568-98048

    “Wow, I don’t need anything else to reach defense shred cap! I’ll just make Zieg scream an extra time and that’s defense capped!” While this is true, you need to factor in the amount of time it will take you to reach defense cap: at least 5 seconds with a second Zieg scream, and you have to have Zieg available to scream (when you’re doing phantasmal holds and positioning him with PSS, Zieg can’t scream. Zieg will also not be available in all rooms anyways). Seeing as how monsters in Anton have relatively narrow vulnerability periods, you can’t expect to have all your Necromancy/Zieg stacks up at the same time. This is why aura defense debuff pieces such as Spider Queen are so good- they instantly debuff an additional 12k defense.

    TL;DR: Get 30/6/6 and 2 spider queen pieces that aren’t the shoulder and you’re good.

    Addendum: Aura Debuff Epics

    For information on spider queen pieces mechanic:
    Chameleon top: I own this epic and tested it myself; this item also appears to stack at a maximum rate of 1 stack/second, meaning you’ll need to back attack for at least 4 seconds to have maximum effect.
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    good analysis, Sieg mechanics are kinda tricky, i did some testing my self some time ago

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