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  1. Hova Four paths - one destiny

    Ah, sweet. I'll be waiting patiently. :smile:
  2. some tower defense that no one was expecting and monk balance showcasing

  3. Sanshou fite me irl!!! (งㅇㅅㅇ)ง

    quite happy with the monk changes.

    also, DFO needs more of those large maps/rooms like in tower defense. looks fun
  4. finally got a reason to record again
    the runs are long but the fun is real. I'll probably end up recording more of the seasonal server as time goes on
  5. with the recent wm changes im finally able to showcase my horribly geared one because he can finally do slayer jelva with no issues

    and some bonus seasonal server
  6. whos ready to be confused

    no vamp since 2 char limit. someone will prob have it done before reset anyway
  7. have some new outer
    they increase the hp by a huge amount when in a party but its relatively the same time as doing a solo run
  8. it begins

  9. slowly but surely ill get every dungeon

    two different paths but also a showcase of how much of a difficulty change it went from the 1st dungeon to the 2nd and thats pretty much how things are going to progress from this point onwards
  10. almost done

  11. last metro dungeon will be shown later (probably tomorrow) but for now have some of these

    stormtrooper vid will give u an idea of the difference between lv 4 and 5
  12. The Winged Professor だが断る!

    Hey... if you get a chance can you post video of the Elemental Bomber changes? Main things I'm interested is Lighting Wall change, Darkness Mantle change, and Armageddon change.
  13. you'll see them in action in the vid below. well, maybe not a good representation of the lit wall changes since i didnt have building type mobs to fight

  14. time to start showing off some new class changes
  15. test time

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  16. Kamoe It doesn't matter... NONE OF THIS MATTERS!

    What's Shaman's awakening name? I think she's my favorite of the bunch so far.
  17. 신녀. google translate doesnt really help either all i get from it is "a beautiful woman." you'll have to wait for jay's translation if you want something more concrete.
  18. new tower and some inquisitor stuff

  19. 2nd awakes in test and grief

  20. a blazing inferno and a grief dump

    next time i wont forget to update as often as i should for these

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