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  1. i use fraps
  2. 1 of 6 guild dungeons
    who knows how long until we'll get to 2nd one, let alone all of them considering how long it will take to unlock each one
  3. Bladester

    Tell your guildmate Yggdra Union is a good game and he has good taste.
  4. Guild dungeon doesn't look like a stressful gimmicky dungeon. Thank goodness.
  5. slacked on the leveling this time around but finally here's some vanguard
  6. I like how the screen slightly shakes on some of those hits, making it feel that the hits have a bigger impact. Vanguard doesn't seem as slow as I thought and has a bunch of super armor on his moves.
  7. more guild dungeons

    will we make it to end before it resets? who knows
  8. Shirouzen Heaven's Wrath

    wats the purpose of guild dungeons? special enchants and equips im assuming.
  9. sub and weapon enchants and daily boxes that contain powerful energies, hell invites, and crystallized chaos are pretty much the main reason for it. there are also badges that can drop in the dungeons for a minor stat boost
  10. more guild and some elven temple

  11. Glacial looks right at home in the Cave of Wailing because of all that ice. Elven Temple looks easy for any character that's decently geared. It doesn't seem like you can choose which dungeon/boss to fight.
  12. a certain dungeon is open based on the day of the week. on sunday all 3 are open. the maps for each dungeon are random the whole time though
  13. time for some 3 star runs

    theres a chance to encounter groop from this point on so hopefully i'll get him soon
  14. the surprise 2nd awakenings i didnt expect until later

    i put the explanations of both their 2nd awake passives in the video descriptions if you're curious
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  15. Kamoe It doesn't matter... NONE OF THIS MATTERS!

    The hype is SO STRONG. I'm loving the Lancer class as a whole but now I'm not sure which sub I wanna make... What's the playstyle of each one like? Vanguard seems like a fast comboing class with a muscle shift skill that recharges similarly to Striker's, does Duelist have skill cancelling to, or are they more or less like the slower, big hitter subclass?
  16. dualist has two kinds of skill cancelling; he can let his mirage finish a current skill he is using and will be able to use another skill in the meantime but theres a cd tied to it. other one is that he can cancel into his 3 skills in the mirage stance line (spiral spear, ground seeker and rising lancer) from any skill but you cant chain it like vanguard can so the combo is basically [skill -> mirage stance skill] and thats where the combo ends. that kind of skill cancelling doesnt have a cd tied to it though so you can do it whenever your mirage stance skills arent in cd. neither of them gain bonus damage from cancelling skills.

    dualist is more multi-hit oriented and vanguard is burst oriented, though vanguard's burst is very weak atm but with his 2nd awake passive giving him additional damage just like dualist's buff aura lance, it might just give him the boost he needed in having a steady burst rate
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  17. the 4star showcase and finally some GROOP

  18. some duelist
  19. Hova Four paths - one destiny

    If I can make a request, mind showcasing Monk when's out of the test server?
  20. i've been planning on it actually lol

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