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  1. oh that video was more of a showcase of how splash damage worked. i couldn't do that much damage if there was only a single worm because i dont have a good enough weapon yet
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    You mentioned that EB needs crit. What crit percentage is good to shoot for? For example would this be solid?

    Mana Burst swap set: 6pc UEM, +2 title, +1 weapon, +1 top, +1 pants, +1 ava top, +2 plat emblems, tainted gear for filler. If the +1 bracelet wasn't likely impossible to get, I'd get that too. And I know it's incomplete without the Legendary staff which is +20% and +3 and/or a +25 lvl skill pet or Petite M. Mage.

    9pc Ele Ball with Mana Burn Sash. +1 Elemental Burst top until it can be replaced with Armageddon Strike, +2 Elemental Rain plat emblem. Weapon likely a Liberation Staff unless Hell Mode will cough something up. I have Air Rod, but that seems like something that a GM would benefit from.

    And speaking of Elemental Burst. Are you pretty much stuck with needing Tactician's Contract or an avatar top for the last +1 to get it to level 9? There's sub-equips, but that's difficult to fit in with a 9pc chron set.
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  3. in terms of crit, its more or less get as much as you can. like above 70%. if you somehow get a shining intelligence then you wont need more than 75% and if you get shepherd's rod its even less of a hassle but in your version you have to deal with the fact u wont get the crit buff sometimes but it eventually becomes a non-issue.

    you have it a bit harder to stack mana burst since you guys only got a +2 title and you pretty much need plats to cap it off. i could get a +3 title, +3 from anton staff, +1 from legacy 45 top, +1 from ghost pants, +1 from ava top to swap with (+1 on plat if i really cared or +1 from pet) on top of 6pc ult ele. hitting 29 is pretty much my goal because getting 30 cost an amount of money i dont feel like is worth investing in unless something changes in the future.

    if you want an awake skill on ava top thats fine but if you're going 9pc ball then rain is already stronger than your awake so you might as well get +1 rain on top as well

    and yea you pretty much need a contract at all times to keep awake at +9. with so many ava packages including master contracts over the years in dnf, its kinda hard to run out of contracts if you bought enough so my contracts will pretty much never expire but idk what the situation is in dfo. if its somewhat the same or u guys still have grab bags then by all means its better to get a contract than to waste a slot.
  4. Since we're getting Anton Normal in Global in January, any EB tips for the bosses? How's the drop rate on that Anton Legendary Mana Burst staff (it does drop there right?)? Would I be terribly underpowered with a +10 level 85 unique staff (since we're also getting those in January) that I'll have to find overpowered people to party with?
  5. i wouldnt know how long it would take until you find the staff in the ah. it drops from mateka so it depends how many people with gabe contracts make it that far often enough. a +10 85 unique staff wouldnt be good at all and is only worth having for crafting the anton staff. not sure if you guys are getting unique legacies at the same time as well but having that staff at +11 would be a bare minimum for normal anton. though either of those staffs would be fine to use in farming for a requiem staff since you might as well be going that route in pursuit of anton.

    not sure if theres much to tell you in normal anton party. its pretty much unleash everything you can once you get a decent hold for the green named and the bosses arent that much different. only real advice i can give for mateka is to never use convergence cannon on him because it will take him out of being hit stunned and you lose your chance of killing him faster.
  6. Alright, thanks for the info. Especially that convergence cannon tip.
  7. bunch of c3. ill do c2 tomorrow or something

    and bonus party vid
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    You can tell they went out of their way to make OV less cheesable. How long does it take to get the Anton Legendary Staff?
  9. making it from the recipe takes around 10 days or less just to gather 210 of the antonium mat which is untradeable. theres another mat u need that drops in anton but those are tradeable but you need 300 of them. whether or not the 2nd mat becomes super cheap over time like it is here depends on how people will price them. finding a recipe though depends on how many people are able to clear anton normal and how often gabe shows up at the last dungeon with something worth selling. getting the weapon itself to drop from mateka is also a possibility. so just hope the runners get lucky pretty much
  10. What's that tree branch epic you have in your latest videos? It seems to change your hair to white, but I'm sure that's not the real purpose of it XD. A lot of the mechanics seem more annoying now, except for Riftmaster, and the ghosts for Berias.
  11. 75 epic staff. effects for all creature skill and input effects on weapons and armor were changed recently to either have the effect happen automatically or you get to choose what inputs u want.
    in my case its every 20 seconds for 20 seconds:
    -my weapon glows blue and deals 35% additional damage
    -i get super armor and my counters deal 35% additional damage
    -i go in camo and the party gains 40 elemental damage
    and i swear i get camo way more often than i want to
  12. Neat. Oh right, I was going to ask you about how much does the Elemental Field reduce elemental resistances? I remember seeing it in the test version at like -29 to all, don't know what the live values are.
  13. -36 at level 6 and -42 if you overmax it to level 9
  14. So goblin feeding room is faster since you destroy their home and mass feed them to the machine, and you have to jump to avoid the final explosion in the other goblin machine room. Doesn't seem that Rangelus or Nebulous changed much (besides 1 gold lizard instead of 3 and new graphics for Magneus or whatever that lizard's name is right before Petrilisk).
  15. oh you dont have to jump its just out of habit that i jumped
  16. some test server goodness

  17. Kyo-Clone

    I'm curious, what are your manual inputs for your EB's skills, trying to figure out what to manual once 2nd Awakening comes out.
  18. [​IMG]
    besides awakenings, the only damaging skill i input is elemental strike. wall is only used for utility and crystal attack is just to stack force and the inputs are pretty much one direction + z aside from awakes which uses space
  19. The Winged Professor だが断る!

    What do you use to record? The in game recorder is terrible.

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