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  1. Skiptrace

    Ok, after watching one of my favorite streamers (AegisRick) do a bunch of Monk stuff (both PvE and PvP) I now know that my Priest will become a Monk, I would like a PvP build for when he reaches level 35 so that I can PvP on him with the free boost to level 70 in the Practice Arena. I'd also like some tips on how each of the skills can work to my advantage for PvP. Thanks in advance (and no, i will not be using a Controller.)
  2. Vernon

    btw, my opinion and I suck at monk so take this with a... grain of :mfighter:

    Bread and Butter and also obvious skills to max:

    - Will Driver:
    The strength it gives helps tons for maximazing damage. irrc, it gives str, a crit bonus, and a hit rate bonus.

    - Exquisite Combo:
    Damage is great, hit stun on it is great, CD is low. It can be used to catch and extend combos. The range on this is great, X axis and Y axis. I could probably show gifs eventually.

    - Second Uppercut
    Essential skill to combo, they higher you get it, the higher the opponent launches. The more time the opponent is in the air, the longer skills have time to get off CD.

    - Ducking Uppercut
    Read Second Uppercut info.

    - Passives: Quick Parry, Technical Mastery, Combat Mastery, Double Shadow
    Quick Parry gives a chance for you to evade hits for a period of time whenever you use the skills mentioned in the basic info. The masteries allows for certain skills to gain extra benefits along with extra uses. Double Shadow for extra hit stun and damage when comboing.

    - Dryout
    Irrc, increasing levels decreases CD of the skill. On top of already increasing damage of skills when initiated during another skill move, there are far better uses for it. For example: Sidewind -> Smasher. Heavenly Combo -> Exq. Both techniques allow you to catch the opponent in ways you couldn't have before.

    Debate-able Max:

    - Smasher [1 or Max]
    The only grab Monks have and usually the only purpose for this skill is to warp from it, combo extender or as a combo ender. Maxing this would only increase the damage. Useful for the extra chunk of HP you want to get rid off. It's also useful for evading punish from "I'll camp and grab you from Quick Rebound." :ffighter:. If two people grab at each other at the same time, both grabs cancel. Fun to watch. Terrible when you fail.

    - Ducking Body Blow [1 or Max]
    Main purpose is to extend standing combos however increasing its levels would increase the chance for it to stun. At max it is irrc, 13%~? Definitely useful but the % chance is low and not maxing it shouldn't be a problem except the free combo you could get if you somehow get the stun on someone when you finish a combo. [Combo] -> Smasher -> Press X at specific frame -> Ducking Body Blow.

    - Ducking Straight Punch [1 or Max]
    Currently this skill does not launch your standing opponent to infinity and beyond but it does when they're in the air. Due to the tweak implemented you can use this to extend your standing combos. However, use the skill near a wall whenever attempting a air combo. Maxing it would increase damage, no other benefit.

    - Lucky Straight Punch [1 or Max]
    Main purpose is for combo extender. Can do Sidewind's job but worse at it. Maxing will increase the damage. Fun note, putting it on a hotkey and only pressing that hotkey, will cause it to be done in one place instead of moving if you hold your forward direction key.

    - Shadow Clone [1 or Max]
    Maxing increases damage. It's a viable max, and I have it maxed due to how often I use it. Another tip -- unless you're against a summy who has used its forced teleport and you have Hurricane And Roll off CD -- never use clones in a corner and try to rush. You're not a Striker nor are you a Crusader. It's also predictable. The most used way: Exq. -> Ducking Upper -> Stationary Dashing Uppercut -> Call The Clones. This is also another reason why you want Ducking Upper and Dashing Uppercut to be maxed.

    - Machine Gun Jab [1 or Max]
    Maxing increases damage, it doesnt seem to increase launch height from what I can tell. I wouldn't suggest maxing it for one specific reason why I dont. I usually use it for catching my opponent after using Shadow Clone. I use it as a launch however at one point it punches down and lifts. Maxing it would increase the damage of those hits which affects how long I'll be able to keep my enemy in the air for other moves with far better damage.

    - Chopping Hammer [1 or Max]
    It looks impressive, but launch height barely increases when you max and the damage is sub-par/decent imo. You can easily lift the opponent with Ducking Uppercut, Second Uppercut, or Machine Gun Jab. However with enough attack speed and with this move maxed, you can XXX(X) instead of using your launchers to lift your enemy higher and continue the combo. I have this maxed. Also, one of the few moves you have super armor on, abuse it to tank. For example, Slayer's ashe fork.

    Hurricane n Roll [1 or Max]
    Damage is great on this cube skill when maxed however main purpose for it is to catch enemies off guard. PS. running up to them w/ clones and etc is does not count. Try after you sway back and your opponent has just stood up from Quick Rebound. Try it when

    Skills To Only Put One Point In:
    > They're utility skills

    - Divine Crush [1]
    Personally, damage sucks. Using this is also risky due to how most Monks use it. After a good combo, 'Divine Crush'. QR standup without the 1s~3s wait has super armor. Divine crush does nothing but increase the risk for getting caught. However, devil's advocate makes a great point. Most people underestimate Monk's ability to OTG so they never QR unless they've got a good regular/cube skill to use to catch you. Also divine crush + smasher, grabs them off the floor. Great for damage-reset, mentioned later in random. Another way to use this skill is to use it whenever an enemy is getting too close. The animation is brief enough where it stops any non-SA approach towards but you can sway/duck cancel towards the opponent and combo them.

    - Heavenly Combo [1]
    Speed of this skill is still slow. Only use for it is to catch a person directly below you or above you and cancel Heavenly into another skill like Exq. Combo to start a standing combo or Heavenly -> Smasher to warp grab someone out of their super armor skill; usually it's stupid cube they shouldn't be using against you in the first place or a miscalculation.

    Sacred Counter [1]
    irrc it gets maxed at level 1. Good as a juggle and a launcher. Place this on a key you're comfortable pressing every 10 seconds. Main purpose for this skill is to solely counter an enemy's skill. You will constantly be watching out for moves that you can counter with Sacred Counter. However, with masteries maxed you can manually unleash the counter without needing to get hit. Do not spam this move, it is counterable. Do use it often since it can counter and used to initiate combos.

    - Sidewind [1]
    Main purpose is to catch off X-axis, but it does have a decent Y-range too. Can also be used for warp grabs. Sidewind -> Smasher. The reason why this is usually not used as a combo extender is, both hits lack a good amount of hit stun so you may/will/definitely will get interrupted. If the enemy is on your X-axis and you do not have dry out ready, smashing smasher... works. Unless they grab too. :thief:. Not sure if range of sidewind's reach increases as skill level increases tho. IF it does, adding more points to itwould be okay.

    - Twister Of Judgement [1] or [can be left out]
    A tornado made by a boxer. Personally, the nado does seem to have an effect of slowing down hits or I have a crappy laptop. It can be used for runners who have a slight amount of hp left. They're waiting to counter you when you chase them. You don't want that. Use nado.


    - Slow Heal
    It heals. Nothing much else to say, can help tremendously whenever you're in a "one hit ends it all" situation. I maxed it though, #Needles.

    - Cure
    Not suggested but it has its usefullness towards classes that cause bleed, poision or any other status that has a significant effect on whether or not you get to live long enough to attempt to combo.

    - Furious Grab
    Fanciness in combos. Don't get it.

    - Rising Emblem
    Some zoning abilities but rarely do Monks roll with this.

    - Strike
    Monks want a high amount of attack speed. Scythe help. Scythe no help with hit rate. Strike help. Max this.

    [I might have missed some skills, made quite a few grammar mistakes and spelling.]

    - You can cancel sway and duck with Jump/defualt key: C.
    - Smasher can be canceled early with Attack Key/default key: X
    - Frame for earliest Smasher cancel to allow for re-catch should be right after Priest extends his arm all the way back.
    - Spamming X also works for canceling Smasher. Right after Smasher cancel you can use ducking skills or any other skills to catch the opponent thrown from Smasher.
    - Standing combo: Exq. Combo -> Lucky Straight Punch -> XXX > Ducking Body Blow > XXX > Ducking Straight > XXXX.
    - Speaking of combos:
    - The Monk section on that wiki site is still relevant.
    - Monk can OTG. If you haven't discovered by accident, try dashing up. Hold up and let go of other keys. You won't stop dashing. Do that and press X = Stationary dash. irrc When you become a Monk, your dash has the ability to hit enemies on the ground. Repeatedly doing it over and over allows for OTG.
    - Monks can do funny things like reset an opponent every blue moon.
    - Blue moon since the conditons rely on how you play, your health, and cooldowns.
    - Smasher Early Frame Cancel -> Exquisite can reset. Why? The idiot you threw stood up. [Probably a glitch, just stating observations.]
    - Another way is going over the damage cap placed by the game. If an opponent reaches damage cap while in the in the air, the moment they touch the ground, they automatically stand up.
    - If you can't fulfill that requirement, heres another. DFO allows you to combo your enemy who is on the ground however, the longer you combo them, the period in which they are stuck on the ground decreases. At a certain point, the timer for "being stuck on the ground" is so short, they pop back up. They gain invinciblity for no longer than a second after waking up. Diagonal Sway cancel + Hurricane n Roll should work.
    - Ducking Upper seems to have a funny way of breaking QR's super armor created when releasing it before the 3 second duration.
    - Sway and Duck turns the sprite of Priest into one that is crouching ~ on the ground. You can dodge skills that do not hit those areas. Brawler's needles, Brawler Net, Female Fighter Nen shot, Monk's Exquisite Combo, etc.
    - Abuse the hell out of Quick Parry and Sway/Duck in Monk mirror matches.
    - Also Monk mirror matches are stupid. The more defensive player usually wins. Why? Counter-play. Cross-counter. A portion of Monk skills have enough of a delay after finishing to be exploited.
    - Monk's sway and duck can be combined to move across Y-axis quickly along with X-axis. Learn how to do (sway/duck cancel + switch direction + duck/sway cancel + [insert skill]) quickly.
    - Warp grabs: Anything + Smasher and latency.
    - I've seen a lot of high level monks employ change of pace aka mind games. Whatever you want to call it. For example, most of us dash around however, Monks don't need to do that all the time due to sway/duck. Most people cancel out of X-combo chain with Backstep into a different skill to catch and suprise an opponent. Monks get that and sway/duck. If you haven't gotten the point, it's suprising the enemy, catching them off guard. It also helps that we're pretty fast for being one of the fattest classes in the game.
    - You can buff while you combo, really important since we can't exploit Indomitable Spirit and a quick casting skill like Mage's Magic Missile to save us from buffing at the wrong time.
    - Might be just me but Monk's XXX is weird. With a high enough FPS, you can tap XXX at certain moments to make it go faster as if you had a high attack speed (30%~50%). Pressing too early or too late regardless of attack speed will slow it down dramatically. But idk, I've got a terrible laptop. As attack speed increases, the taps become easier to time. Why? You're just spamming X if you get anywhere near 40%~
    - Study other classes, another reason why Monk is so good in PvP is the speed in which it can move to exploit a weakness.
    - Go for standing combos if you can. Maximize damage.

    - Did you know another word for Monk in DFO is... Infighter? Also most of this is common knowledge when you start to play Monk more and more so don't worry about remembering these things.
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