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  1. Aciano

    I have both GM and EB and both are massive multi hit class, wud they benefit from time defiler necklace in particular.

    For gm I have full ice floral hell which lets grand shatter easily hit over 70times on a single target, more hits if there a room full of targets. If it does proc wouldn't it on paper allow me to chain infinite grand shatter.

    On the other hand on EB with time defiler necklace (which procs on hit) and the other one that procs on cast, wudnt they on paper be able to proc the effects all the time and indefinitely cancel their full rotation?
    It seems like a really fun possibility but im just asking in case anyone actualy have experience with the time defiler epics

    Also a quick question on how to proc them, EB can proc on hit and on cast where as GM can only proc the on hit one right?
  2. If the Time Defier necklace works similar to the Auto set procs (where they say attacks have an x% to blah), then it is on hit. Refined Amnesia Ring says (skills have an x% chance to reset) then it's on cast. However, it also states that there's a cooldown for the reset on the Refined Amnesia Ring (20 seconds and 90 seconds respectively). I'm guessing the Time Defier necklace also has a cooldown for that reset, but it isn't stated.

    As for which class would benefit more from it and my own experience with Refined Amnesia Ring, I'd say Ice Floral GM because EB would have like 4-5 skills on cooldowns (since we're constantly spamming spells) and the proc would randomly choose one (and then cry when it resets Infernal Road over Elemental Rain). I'm not too familiar with Ice Floral GM spell rotations, but it seems like you would have more control over which spells benefit more from the proc.

    GM should also be able to proc the on cast since when you use a skill you're casting it.
  3. Aciano

    Oh I see, cuz it stated in some items tool tips and not other I assumed the time defiler accs didn't have a cool down and that with all the multi hit mmages do, it wud proc indefinitely. Welp the dream of being a ice shard spitting machine gun was short lived

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