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    By request of a certain amount of people, I'm gonna make a thread on this. Now, by no means am I a pariah of grappler players (just yet anyways) or anything but I want to try to put out a framework of what people should look for when they play this fun and challenging class. As usual, if you have any feedback or things I should revise/add let me know!

    • Current class overview (Playstyle, functionality, party roles)
    Back in the Nexon days, we were an infamous, buggy mess. Famous for breaking and getting things stuck like nobody's business. Times of changed and Male Grapplers no longer sit on the mighty Throne of Wheelchair. Grappler plays the role of the strong physical dealing class. While their holds may not be as potent and long length as Females, Males trade hold duration for raw power and and burst.
    • Weaknesses
    While Male Grapplers are strong in the physical suit, there's a certain mindset you need to keep when playing then. The longstanding history of being crippled by things like latency or knowing what might bust your skills from doing damage are all things to keep in mind. These things still persist even after All in One. There's a certain learning curve to understanding how to flow your grabs properly, but I feel it's something you lock into your reflexes after a while.
    • Gearing
    Grappler gearing is as simple as it comes - not accounting for hell modes. We are a percent class, so heavy reinforcing and refining comes with a huge boon for us. Chronicle sets tend to gravitate more towards 9 piece Stable Spin or 6pc Grave Slammer depending on your set-up. It's also a valuable investment to spend time in getting things like the Ghost Train set as a poverty set for bonuses until you get the epics you want. Overwhelming Grab continues to be one of the few things you can't buff swap in the game. From my understanding, the gear you want to be swapping is for double Wild Cannon Spike taints (red/green) if you're doing something like carrying Otherverse. The general endgame Epic Set seems to gravitate to whatever you got lucky on the most, but the top candidates usually are Dark Gothic, Magic Cataclysm, and Tactical. It all depends on what the raid needs and what you can contribute.

    For emblems, aim for Strength and Physical Crit. You want to find a good balance between these, as when you hit 2nd Awakening, your critical chance becomes absolutely absurd. Try to balance what you want out. For platinums, I've seen people swap rare clones for your first awakening active or WCS. If you have the money, consider it, but it probably won't be necessary at all in the near future.

    From my experience, the only legendaries you'll have to worry about is Wooden Puppet Fist from EX: Ghost Train. It'll cost a pretty sum, might not worry about it for a long time. The rest tend to be worthless/unnecessary. If you want to stack Fire, Gorgeous Burner or Fillr tend to be the popular options. Shadow Veil for the people who stack Shadow. Stuff like that. With things like the Anton accessories existing, I'm not really sure how necessary it actually is.

    Regarding weapons - if you're fresh off the boat as an 85 try to aim for one of the Halidom gauntlets and plus it up to +10 when you can. You start to notice a large damage and consistency increase the more you reinforce. After that, try to get Liberation as soon as possible. While it may be a gold sink, it is very valuable to have if you do not have the luxury of getting a good epic weapon. If you want to raid with a Liberation, it has to be +12, no question. If I would have to tier the epics, the top ones seem to revolve around:

    Berserk - Insane. No gimmicks for stupidly good damage.
    Tiger Chain Gauntlets - May have to squeeze in a dash attack every now and again for damage. Really good, still.
    Russian Roulette - RNG, might totally waste your time
    Incomplete Infinity Gauntlets - Skill levels are absurd in this game. If you have any access to it, use it and abuse it.

    (A bit of a sidenote: Raider's Draupnir, the 85 tonfa, I would like to know a little bit on. Let me know if you actually figure out anything on that weapon as I've never seen anyone use it in my life. It seems to benefit Grapplers in a strange way.)

    Fighters unfortunately tend to have a really lacking pool of epics. Pots tend to be much more of a gamble to open than many of the other classes, so keep that in mind if you want to open one.
    • Skill explanations and usage (1 to 15)
    To get into the mindset of a Grappler, you must start with the basics. These short, simple cooldown grabs are very basic on paper and lend you some unique control based on the direction you press. Keeping this in mind is crucial for chaining grabs and keeping things disabled for as long as needed. Treat the skills that are bolded with utmost importance, as they should be maxed whenever possible.

    All Grappler passives are very strong and should be maxed. I'm going to try to focus on the potatoes, which are the skills. Try not to stress too much if you don't have points early on. Make sure to put things into the basic, obvious things to have. Backstep, Quick Rebound, and Focus: Critical are very good things to have for any Male Fighter.

    Fling and Knee Kick - Our most important bread and butter. These abilities allow you to weave fluid combos together like nothing. Depending on the directional press after you use these skills, they get thrown in the direction you choose. Downwards will slam them into the ground, forwards will kick them a good distance in front of you and up will be, well, above you. Knee Kick offers the unique function that after an upwards press you 'rise' into the air allowing to chain certain moves together like Air Steiner.
    Pure Walk - A very good movement tool. While we do have access to Sliding Grab if we choose to, Pure Walk offers a good, medium distance dash that won't put your short grabs on cooldown.

    Grab Cannon is an interesting mechanical passive that applies an 'explosion' or 'shockwave' to certain ungrabbable enemies. Before the patch, this passive tended to throw enemies behind us rather than in front creating a huge hindrance to the flow of our moves. It was a pain! Expect this passive to trigger on the bigger, stabilized bosses or enemies.

    Sliding Grab coupled with Overwhelming Grab allows for us to weave and bob through the battlefield like the room was our plaything. It applies to every single grab in your arsenal allowing for easy set-ups. Don't be afraid to move around a bunch when you press grabs! As mentioned before, Overwhelming Grab cannot be buff-swapped.

    • Skill explanations and usage (20 to 45)
    Break-Down - Is there a move more infamous? Something Grappler mains have have waited almost TOO long for. Savoring those seconds until January was a pre-patch Juggernaut's dream. It turns you into Randy Orton. For something as basic as this move, it fulfills most of your damage output in the early levels. Later on, it sadly falls off and gets replaced for points in your 2nd Awakening, but it's no slouch at all. The shockwave is good, if you miss it in the air it doesn't even go on cooldown. The cooldown is almost comparable to the early ones. Solid.

    Neck Snap - One point wonder, extremely useful for disabling certain enemies and giving bonuses to your buddies. Good set-up!

    Shoulder Tackle - Also a one point wonder, it's super armor and damage bonus to your grabs provides good setup for some of your bigger cubes later on. The damage bonus, comes from one of the more important passives I feel should be taken into account when you play Male Grappler, which is -

    Impact Combination - The passive that encourages you to try to mix different abilities whenever you can. Even on this class, X String usage is not something to be frowned upon. The more you master this passive, the stronger damage benefit you receive.

    Air Steiner - Air grab. Does bonus damage to enemies that are airborne, so try to mix this together with an upwards Knee Grab!
    Snap Shot - The reverse of Steiner. It will pull an enemy from the grounded state and do bonus damage. This grab is one of the few moves that does not benefit from Overwhelming Grab and Sliding, so try to keep that in mind.

    These two are worth maxing early, but drop them down for points when you need them. They are the least important cooldowns we have.

    Tornado Kick - Actually useful in some cases. If you're trying to trigger Impact Combination for Wild Cannon Spike, you can do the sequence 'Tornado Kick - C (To cancel it) - WCS' to get the free damage. Very quick and useful. It can also serve as a tool to keep things airborne while your grabs cooldown and keep the rhythm movin'.

    Slam Kick - A very fancy displacement sort of ability. It's the only grab you have that has a backwards input as a direction you can choose. Downwards will do a body slam animation. You can use Snap Shot during the landing delay if you choose to. If you press up when you use Slam Kick, it will shoot the poor sucker FAR forward, the second furthest a grab can throw an enemy. This move covers huge amount of space and doesn't trigger a Grab Cannon. Very useful!

    Rolling Spike - Probably one of my favorite moves. You pull an absolutely massive group of enemies and turn them into a massive hamster wheel of hurt. When you get your chronicle set, the landing shockwave almost hits the entire room. It's THAT good. It ALSO offers the directional inputs. Tapping the directions here will determine the strength of the kick at the end of the skill. Up being the furthest, no press being the shortest, down if you want them to flop straight downwards. VERY STRONG CUBE.

    Wild Cannon Spike - The reason you can even carry OV. Does so much damage. It just.... hurts. There's a reason the cooldown is so long. You fly across the screen and literally break the ground below you from the landing. The key thing to note here is that you can get the damage from the kick falling in the air or the shockwave at the end. POSSIBLY both, but don't quote me on it. It'll put things into the grounded state so keep that in mind. Pretty good as a finisher or an opener if you know it's going to kill everything in one hit.

    • Skill explanations and usage (50 to 70)
    1st Awakening

    Rhythmic Assault
    - The longest hold we have. Throws around a large group of enemies back and forth like a Ping Pong match and ends with a large shockwave bodyslam at the end. If you tap the key harder you'll do the animation faster, saving you some time if you need it.

    Counter-Attack - Even with the patch, I hear this tends to be buggy. From what I understand the counter hit only applies to the first tick of the Counter Hit. Might need to fact check this here.

    Pierce - A very long distance charge move. Functions the same as Shoulder Tackle but does much more damage. Has super armor after you release for the entire duration. A noteworthy function here is that you can actually cancel this move to chain it into your other big cubes. Back before the patch it used to run the whole distance across but now we can cancel it when we want to and reap the maximum benefit out of Impact Combination.

    Focused Fury - Baby version of our first awakening move. Functions as a pretty good hold and midway filler so your longer cooldowns can get ready. Arrow keys choose where to throw, left or right.

    • Skill explanations and usage (75 to 85)
    Who's The Strongest - Ever wonder why it feels like you crit every hit? Yeah, this passive tends to do that. One of the main offenders of our insane damage output post All in One.

    Black Tornado - This move functions very strange. It's very similar to the Female Grappler First Awakening but ignores all grab rules on enemies. If you were to use this on something like the Fire Dragon in Castle of Bakal, you could stick him in the ground and everyone could still damage him normally. It's more of a 'shove in the ground' than it is a grab. Really useful in the right situations.

    Technique - Storm Diver - The coolest move in the Male Grappler kit. I know I was talking mad love for RKO before, but this one's actually usable late game. The one problem you probably asked yourself before you got to this point was "Man, I sure do love throwing things. But it sucks when my shockwaves miss a couple loose enemies!" Say no more. After becoming a Titan, you basically become Spider-Man with Lightning Dance. Good damage, insane percents, crazy. If you want the finishing move early, just tap the button again. Impact Combination boosts tend to be very useful for big cubes like these.

    Last but not least, we have Sole Bearer - Quaking Tiger - Our final awakening skill. It chains very smoothly from any grabs that send you airborne, so your Rhythmic, Slam Kick, and Wild Cannon Spikes all work here. This ability also ignores the 'enemy that hates to be grabbed' rule and pulls all bad dudes to the center of where you used the move as sort of a vortex. Make sure you have things that can be thrown here otherwise it will just do the finishing move.
    • TP usage
    Very simple, not too complex. Wild Cannon Spike, Slam Kick, and Rolling Spike are the popular choices. TP dumps tend to be into Knee Kick or Fling. Early on you might even want to put some into Break-Down if you choose to. Special shout-out to Snap Shot for being a pretty decent one point wonder if you don't want to knock things away too far when you use it.
    • Closing Words
    It might seem a bit complex at times, but keep at it! The intricacies of learning how to do the simple grab combos and followups will come over time just by simply playing the class as you level. Don't stress it too much. In time, you can become a true Titan if you set your heart to it! Anton is just a few blocks down!

    Special mentions to AhnShang from KDNF. If you ever want to see a guy that struggled through being poor and not spending much money on the game to becoming insanely geared, look to this guy. I aspire to be as clean and fancy as he is! Definitely look him up on Youtube when you get the chance. :mfighter:
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    Breakdown btw is more or less comes from Randy Orton not John Cena since its an RKO just a minor nitpick
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    I thought you can control the distance of piece based on how long you charge it for? Also is there a more accurate recommendation for what we should put SP into? Not maxing shoulder tackle sounds so off to me...
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    This guide needs alot of work, it's lacking in detailed info and missing some things, like for example Pierce does have Super Armor.

    @Mr. Sly - Shoulder Tackle isn't worth maxing really since it's just filler for Impact Combination setups and nothing more. To even get the most out of Shoulder Tackle you would need to invest 10 TP into it to get the fastest charge time, and honestly it's not worth it when there's more important stuff to get.
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    Guess so, shame break down doesn't carry well. Thought pierce had SA too... I could use a nice build to reference off of with all the changes now x.x
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    this was mostly meant to be a primer or sorts laying a basic framework with a few tips here and there lemme know if there's anything i should touch on a bit more
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    I'd personally like to see a recommendations for the skill levels and perhaps some headers for each section. No offense at all but I feel like some of the sections feel like they're glomped together without much of a header over em. The bullet points aren't as noticeable I guess for me, but that's just my personal preference. I'm just more-so wondering about what to 0/1/5/max or what I can/should(aside from the obvious ones).
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