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    What's Hecto? o.0 And I guess.... just enjoy it more when the 2nd awakening emphasizes an actual play-style change. Also, speaking of the rework... are there any videos that showcase skill by skill? I know there's a few speed runs and play through dungeons but is there any videos showcasing every skill's change and how they work with the rework? really interested in lightning dance, close kick, and continuum kick... From that gif, it also looks like dragon kick's hit box begins the very moment it's activated too.

    EDIT: nvm forgot Dragon Kick used to be called that. Damn nice combos though...
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    first off. I know that street fighter becomes strong as heck now. But my list was NOT about power, by no means did I mean to come off as a "best to worst" list just because I used the greater than. I based it off player population. It doesn't matter how strong abilities actually are, for the most part the userbase playing m.fighter want to look cool as hell doing it. You can bet the super sayian shit is gonna attract a larger crowd than batman with landmines and a stigma that won't wash away. Stigmas from the original iteration of DFO when classes used to actually be bad still linger in our game.
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    2nd awakening skill videos are already on wiki and LD + CK effect change is barely worth noting since function is still the same.
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    Well I noticed there's an afterimage of the fighter using ck, I thought maybe that helped with the set up for the launches, or maybe the Y axis of skills changed... :S

    Spin Kick added a hit I think? Or replaced the push-away with an upward kick? Does it launch or just no more push? Close Kick also looks like it doesn't provide the same 2 hit effect, or it does and it's quicker so I can't tell... Burning kick has an extra kick at the end or is replaced with something that knocks the opponent downward? There's a few changes I'd like to know about <.>

    As for the active 2nd awakening skill, does it still pull in nearby targets like the old version, and do the hits lock the opponent in place? Is it strictly the X axis and can't aim it diagonally? The wiki still has the old version of the active 2nd awakening so I can't tell much...
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