Male Fighter 2nd Awakening Speculation/Wishlisting

Discussion in 'M.Fighter' started by Running Wild, Mar 10, 2015.

  1. SM0KER

    Male Striker: Turns ssj god, 200% att speed, 200% movespd, 200% cd, forever superarmor = SRS :dance::D:dance::D
  2. MacroniDude give me all the himecuts :v

    I want 2nd awakening for my MStriker but wasn't Thief introduced in the game earlier than MFighters? I suppose their 2nd Awakening gets delayed since they got 2 fairly new classes hmm
  3. That did not stop Avenger, a class released years after the original 3 priests, from getting its second awakening before others.
    I'm almost certain that the reason Thieves got their 2 other subclasses is because they needed to plug them in in order to give the Thief their 2nd awakening.

    Speculation, but I think the update schedule might look like:
    Thief 2nd awakening + Male Mage 3rd subclass in the summer
    Male Fighter 2nd awakening + Male Mage 4th subclass in the fall/winter
    Male Mage 2nd awakening in the spring of 2016

  4. For the M. Striker. Something like this but involving a kick!
  5. michaelc

    eh for male brawler what bout him jumping in air and summon 2 chains to make a hgue x on the map then he holds it tighting it across the sceen leting poison then needle then rocks fall down then tear the chains off the map doing huge damg?
    male striker i can see him slaming his foot down on monster breaknig them.... not much you can do for male striker other then a new x combo
    male nen fighter fuse with gold lion for a new nen mode of attacks then roaring as the time limit gos out?
    male grappler uh.......... hmmm no clue passive for the grabs ok buff them but for a active? maybe slam kicks into walls about 50 times then throw into the ground? no clue really
  6. LJM4Eva Hey lil' mama would you like to be my sunshine?

    Oh god that Motorcycle awakening sounds delicious. I dearly hope Neople scours this forum every so often
    Men Master - I could get behind a straight up transformation active. That and/or something to do with his unholy cheat code tattoos, at least for a passive.
    M. Striker - Needs more Bruce Lee inspired moves. Maybe the active could be a series of insane Moonsault Kicks. Also, more Tornado Kicks.
    M. Grappler - Seeing as he's based on Judo, would love to see some counter of counter/reversal stance active.
  7. Magoslich

    For M. Grappler, I think a move that grabs enemies, lifts them up over the grappler's head, then slams them into the ground. Then drags the bodies along the ground and up into the wall. Pull the bodies back, slam them into the wall again. They gotta taste that wall.
  8. Rain Senpai!!!!11

    Mgrap can have a buff that slows his grabs by 300% to become a hold slave class where it can also work like phase shift
    And/or give him fgrap passive because she dun need it

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