Majesty Awakening Quest Dialogue.

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  1. For those you care about the dialogue that goes on during the awakening stuff, this is for you. I plan to do this for all the other characters (those that already have posts on the Wiki I'll skip.) Now your probably asking, Advent, why don't you just post the stuff on the wiki? Simple answer, I don't know how... If anyone wants to do that be my guest.

    Majesty Awakens 1
    Knight Robato: It's been awhile adventurer. Nice to see your still in one piece.
    Lately, there have been less Noblesse rebellion activities against the Empire. Right now, you can get immediately arrested and interrogated just for mentioning their name.
    Anyway, the Noblesse put up a valiant effort but their downfall is inevitable. The opposition that fights against the corruption within the Empire will be severely weakened.
    If the Noblesse disappears, then the Empire will lose their very best Sword Masters and that's like losing a sword and shield at the same time.
    What's that grim expression on your face? Are you feeling responsible for it? It's too late. Even if you join the fight now, you cannot turn the tides of the battle.
    However, there is still a way to have a major impact on the outcome of this fight. Have you ever heard of the 'Majesty'?
    There was once a Noblesse who had completely mastered the Imperial Swordsmanship. However, during a great war, she abandoned her allies and went on a journey in search of the Ultimate Sword. Some say it was luck but other say it was destiny.
    She discovered the sword and soon returned to rescue her allies, and vanquished their enemies. She came home as a hero.
    The identity of the Majesty remains a mystery till this day. No one actually knows if the Majesty is just a single individual or a group. Some even say the Majesty is just a symbol created by Noblesse propaganda to confuse their enemies.
    However that evil sword still exists, if you feel sympathy for the Noblesse, how about acquiring that evil sword and become the Majesty? If a reputable adventurer such as yourself can become the symbol of the rebellion.
    The forces of the Noblesse may just gather enough strength to fight the Empire.
    However, your life will be in mortal danger from becoming the focus of the empire. Keep that in mind and come back to me if you still wish to become the Majesty.

    Knight Robato: Alright. Let us fight together against the Empire.

    Majesty Awakens 2
    Knight Robato: There was a rumor I heard while I was in the Empire. I thought it was all non-sense at first but as I gathered more information about it, I was able to come to a conclusion that this may not be a rumor after all.
    The story goes like this. There is a sword with an ancient evil beast sealed within. Over the years, the sword has been infused with more evil powers and it only serves the one it has accepted as master.
    I've come to realize that they may be talking about the person who mastered Imperial Swordsmanship.
    I believe the power that can control the Ultimate Sword lies within Imperial Swordsmanship. If I'm right, you may also have a chance to obtain this feat with your Imperial Swordsmanship skills.
    If you can improve your powers, then you may be able to wield the 'Ultimate Sword' which is the symbol of the Majesty.
    Join the Black Dragon Tournament and collect 30 Black Dragon Energies. Energies from strong warriors will grant you the power you need.
    Be careful though, the contenders of the Black Dragon Tournaments are also members of the Tower of Despair, and are not to be underestimated.

    Knight Robato: Please punish the Empire's evil deeds with your great powers.
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