Neople [Maint] Scheduled maintenance Aug 8, 2017 and Art Contest Extension

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    We will be performing a scheduled maintenance on Aug 8, 2017(UTC). Further details regarding the maintenance are listed below for your reference.

    UTC (Universal Time Coordinated): Aug 8, 06:00 – 12:00
    KST (Korean Standard Time): Aug 8, 15:00 – 21:00
    PDT (Pacific Daylight Time): Aug 7, 23:00 – Aug 8, 5:00
    EDT (Eastern Daylight Time): Aug 8, 02:00 – 8:00

    Maintenance notes
    < Contents & Events >

    - Tower of Anguish
    - Grand Opening Event
    - Heritage of the 7 Machinists Event
    - Gotta Pick’em All – King of Pick Event
    - Show Me the Epic Event
    - Spam/phishing message filtering system (visual notification in mailbox)

    < Sales >
    - Secret Underwear Pack
    - New avatar update

    < Changes/fixes >
    - Powerful Energy Box disappearing issue, when going into Hell Party with it, fixed

    Please note:
    To get the client crash reward compensation from our blitz system, please follow the steps below again.


    1. Log in the game after maintenance on Aug 8, 2017
    2. Click the button from UI on screen
    3. Blitz Gift system will be only available till 09:00(UTC) Aug 15, 2017
    *The item will be deleted on 10:00(UTC), so please use it before then.

    **Facebook Female Priest Comics Event & Trailer Tag/share event winners will get the rewards during the maintenance.

    < DFO ExStream Tower of Anguish Event winners >

    < Female Priest Fan Art Contest extended >
    Thank you for your love for the Female Priest Fan Art Contest.

    The Female Priest Fan Art Contest was going to end at 09:00(UTC) Aug 4 BUT with your sincere support and passion, we have decided to extend the deadline to 02:00 Aug 7.

    If you did not finish your work or still have a will to participate, you have until the new deadline submit it.

    Also, we were going to announce the winners at 09:00 Aug 10(UTC) but due to the sheer number of entries we are going to need more time to evaluate them.

    09:00 Aug 4 (UTC)/ 02:00 Aug 4 (PDT)
    02:00 Aug 7 (UTC)/ 19:00 Aug 6 (PDT)

    Winner announcement:
    09:00 Aug 10 (UTC)/ 02:00 Aug 10 (PDT)
    09:00 Aug 14 (UTC)/ 02:00 Aug 14 (PDT)

    Thank you for your cooperation.
    - Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team
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