Neople [Maint/Complete] Temporary maintenance Aug 30, 2016

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  1. [​IMG],-2016

    The server is now open! See you in the world of Arad!

    We [not DFONexus] will be performing a temporary maintenance, starting at 06:00 Aug 30 (UTC), 23:00 Aug 29 (PDT). Maintenance is expected to last approximately four hours.

    Maintenance notes

    < Contents & Events >

    - Epic Road Event

    < Changes/fixes >
    - Avatar items from Selective Clone Rare Avatar Box provided from ‘Piercing his way to Lv. 86’ event now untradeable
    - Game client crash issue when played with Knight class fixed
    - Game client crash issue when The Avatars of Character which Spiral Cats cosplayed is opened (AX coupon item) fixed

    Thank you for your cooperation.
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