Neople [Maint/Complete] Scheduled maintenance Oct 25, 2016

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    We will be performing a scheduled maintenance, starting at 06:00 Sep 25(UTC), 23:00 Oct 24 (PDT). Maintenance is expected to last approximately ten hours.

    Maintenance notes
    < Contents & Events >

    [Act 07. N.E.W – Part 1: New Balance]
    - New Contents: Dark Knight & Creator Awakening, Character Balance Update & System Update
    - Insight Time Familiar Event
    - Happy Halloween Event
    - Smash Pumpkin Event
    - Let’s Burn Halloween Event
    - Honey Time Event
    - Get Full Chronicle Set!!

    < Sales >
    - New Avatar update (Priest, Female Gunner & Female Mage)
    - Halloween Bobblehead Package
    - Lost Treasure update
    - Item of the Month

    < Changes/fixes >
    - “Auto-Change Channel” option in Game Settings removed. (This option is currently not functional and will be fixed on our future update.)
    - Seria’s Greeting temporarily enhanced
    - Players being able to activate Practice Mode in Ancient Dungeons issue fixed.
    - Sleeping Wonderland Bead issue fixed and compensation provided
    - 4 Week Power-Up Program Reward issue fixed and compensation provided
    - DFO ExStream Tournament II titles added
    - Various text issues fixed

    *DFO Instagram event(#DFOcircus & #DefeatAnton) winners will be given the in-game prizes during the maintenance.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    - Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team –,-2016
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