Neople [Maint/Complete] Scheduled maintenance Aug 23, 2016

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  1. The server is now open! See you in the world of Arad!


    We [not DFONexus] will be performing a scheduled maintenance, starting at 06:00(UTC) Aug 23, 23:00 (PDT) Aug 22. Maintenance is expected to last approximately six hours.

    Maintenance notes

    < Contents & Events >
    - New Character: Demonic Lancer [info]
    - Grow fast, Demonic Lancers! Event
    - Piercing His Way to Lv.86 Event
    - Javelin Throw Event
    - Special Blitz Event (Aug 27~28)

    < Sales >
    - Lost Treasure update
    - Summer Festival Avatar Package: Demonic Lancer added

    < Changes/fixes >
    - Item (Seal of Empress Skardi, Rusty Iron Scrap, Cloth Scrap & Inferior Hardeners) drop rate slightly raised
    - Brazilian STEAM player now able to purchase CERA
    - Brazilian player now able to select other payment methods besides LevelUp one
    - Client launching issue while AVG on now fixed
    - Minor text issues fixed

    *DFO ExStream event winners will be given the in-game prizes during the maintenance.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    - Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team –
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