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  1. Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong section, but I'm new to DFO a friend got me into it. After playing several classes to the mid 40s low 60s I tried vagabond and fell in love it's currently my first 86 character, but I feel so weak now compared to early game. I was looking around the forum and doing research on my own but I couldn't really find all the answers I was looking for so I wanted to ask here.

    TLDR: I'm a noob and need help with the questions below
    -What armor set should I be aiming for? I see everywhere people recommending chronicles, halidom or just go straight into farming epics (Expensive option).
    -Is there any cheap way to increase critical rate? Or the various ways on how to increase it. (There is a lot I don't understand about this game)
    I'm currently sitting on 28% crit rate and heard that 2nd awakening changes it so we either need around 2000 strength or 100% crit
    -Should I be worrying about elemental damage?
    -Is humble master worth farming since 2nd awakening is upcoming?
    I have a lot more questions that aren't vagabond related so I'll throw those in another thread.

    Also thanks Ravensensei and Lifting for all the information you guys have posted throughout the thread it really helped me early on
  2. RavenSensei A vagabond in training

    >_< Much appreciated to see more people joining us as Vagabonds...:keke:

    1. For your question here are some answers that may help you out a little:

    2. For the current patch, Halidoms < Chron. < Halidom/Epic/Legendary Mix < Full Epic sets.

    3. A few easy ways to Increase Crit Chance:
    • +9% Cane Card (or Kane Card?) on shoulder
    • +3% Crit emblems on avatars
    • Wearing leather armour helps
    • Accs that give +crit%
    4. Elemental damage always helps. The cheapest to stack right now is possibly water elemental. Pick yourself up with some Frost Queen Heen cards (+12 - +15) from AH. You can also utilize the new title which give +22 at max rank. You could also scout around AH for an aura that give + water damage...but I doubt they are still around.

    5. If you wear a full Halidom / Chron set at Lv.86, you should easily reach 1800+ Str. and 70+ crit chance with +9% on shoulder

    6. Humble Master is only good for farming OV at an incredible rate. Get Ascension Set if you can because it is just more versatile and does wayy
    more damage overall.
  3. Thanks for the info, other than farming demon eyes I gotta figure out how to make cash xD
    Also I have no idea what these cards are but I'll look it up later on. Would you mind telling me some accessories that i should focus on or it is just general accessories that have crit on them.

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