Longest Spear for PvP? (Battlemage)

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  1. Hi all,

    I haven't played this game since the Nexon days. I used to main a Spear Battlemage in PvP thanks to the range and attack speed of the Beam Spear Brionac. I heard that attack speed bonuses on weapons don't seem to work anymore in PvP (i.e. the +5% atk spd bonus does not appear when you use the Arena view on the item description), but I still miss the range on the Brionac. Does anyone know which spear in the current game is the longest?

  2. SuperStringy Curiosity-dominated

    Essence: Nugol Bone Lance; it's 2x taller than average f.mage.
  3. Thanks!
  4. Megaplasm

    Not quite sure if the range matters; even the best battle mage in Korea (by my standards, he reached OGN Winter 2015 finals earlier this year) didn't bother with spears and relied exclusively on Meteor Dash/Weapon Uppercut catches combined with the nightmare known only as Hodor. Then again, he was very aggressive and played at an incredibly high level, and was super risky with his Punto uses.

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