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  1. Space Fish Fishstick Van Platin

    In order to help better organize this section, I'm compiling all the bigger mod threads in this sticky. This way, they'll always be easy to find.
    This thread will contain mostly individual modders' "shops" with some general compilations for specific types of mods.

    I advise modders that release multiple mods to make their own personal thread to help with organization if they haven't already. Only mod "shops"/modder threads and compilations will be posted here. Click the thread prefixes to find mods of a certain category.

    If I miss your thread, let me know. Sometimes they slip by.
    Same goes for removal. If for whatever reason, you want your thread removed, post here or PM me.


    Modding Resources

    Modder "Shops" and compilations
    Not all of the users in this list take requests. Please keep this in mind before posting a request in their threads. Make sure to always read the first post.

    General Compilations
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  2. Mikaya The Incompetent One

    Complied my stuff into a single thread, but it's more of a redirect thread if anything. That's okay right? Or should I start keeping things in a single thread? I'll admit, it's easier for me to track updates off a single thread so if anything happens, I can update that individually instead of cluttering the same thread.
  3. Space Fish Fishstick Van Platin

    Since I asked for the tags in the Release section, singular mods can be sorted through much easier now, so if you want to release them individually, you can. Redirects are totally fine since I can link them here.
    In fact, with the tags, it's probably a better option at this point.
  4. Quickshot "Happiness is a warm gun"

    There was a mod compilation a year or two ago that provided little M.Gunner skill cut-ins for Western Fire and (before), Ultimate Multi-Headshot? And I remember there being a Zerker cut-in as well? Did that get removed?

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