Let's talk Chronicle Sets for a sec.

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  1. Grandarex sure

    So... I want to discuss / inquire about our Chronicle set choices... namely, Infinite Onslaught set.

    I feel like we hastely point all zerkers to work towards a C3 set to a point where nobody really gave this C2 set a chance.

    Directly comparing Brutal Madman and Infinite Onslaught, it looks like IO set is geared more towards 'spammy' gameplay style while Brutal Madman is more cube burst, namely, Outrage Break.

    But other than that, these two sets share some very similar stats...
    Assuming 9pc vs 9pc,
    - Both sets increase Derange duration by 5 seconds
    IO set increases strength by 15% and all speeds by 4%
    BM set increases strength by 30%
    - Both sets buff Thirst to give bonus damage to bleeding enemies
    IO set adds additional 50% damage to bleeding enemies
    BM set adds additional 30% damage to bleeding enemies
    - Both sets reduce cooldown on a few skills
    IO set reduces Mountainous Wheel, Bloodlust, Raging Fury, Blood Sword, and Outrage Break cooldown by 25~30%
    BM set reduces Bloody Twister, and Outrage Break cooldown by 50%, although it removes Bloody Twister's rather helpful suction

    With all that said, Infinite Onslaught set looks really good despite it being a C2 set (and therefore, cheaper to buy with frags!) and yet I've heard zero zerks ever talk about it.

    Is there a reason why we blindly go for Brutal Madman or other C3 sets?
    Did koreans in KDnF determine some sort of immense flaw in our C2 sets?

    Share what you know! Let's discuss this for a little bit for future references.
  2. I think it's mostly the core skills used into a burst situation, as we know RF can be a WTF "why you used that skill" type of skill,
    while Blood Sword is a direct hit BAM skill, everything dead.
    Infinite Onslaught is comparable but the real deal breaker is Outrage Break doing 100% extra damage on the slam itself, that's a monumental DPS burst gain. so basically having a much more burst power effectiveness.
    as well for me i think Blood Reaper 9 is also viable because it makes Blood Sword crit for almost 6million in about 10 second Cooldown. i currently do buffed 4.2m blood sword crits.
    Also the strength gain in phase 2-3 gets buffed by 35% of overall strength so it is that much more effective. phase 3 strength for me can reach about 5.5k, with 35% more that's about 7k+.
    and then Blood Sword for life. and it's much wider too.
  3. Phenir

    Two of the C2 sets focus too much on the awakening skills, blood ruin and burst fury. Both of those I only use situationally. Burst fury's effect lasts too long and prevents me from seeing what the monster is doing plus it takes a long time to do damage and a lot of monsters in OV have get up invincibility, buggy super armor is really nice though. Blood ruin's grab is too long to just use for dps instead of holding. The sets that don't focus on those are basically a weaker brutal madman.

    With brutal madman, all your cubes are sub 15 second cooldowns. The strength from derange gets a ~600 boost depending on how much you are stacking derange skill ups. The 3pc turns bloody twister from a hold skill to a spammy burst skill, further increasing the potential damage of the set.

    For infinite onslaught, you get less of a strength bonus on derange. You don't get as much cooldown reduction and the loss of the extra burst from spammy bloody twister hurts it. You might get more damage from thirst but I believe it is multiplicative, so the difference is 3-6% depending on the skill. The cooldown reductions for the non cube skills aren't all that important. MW and GC do pretty shit damage honestly and not every enemy can be grabbed for bloodlust. The set probably would have done better to focus on the cancel bonus for frenzy and greatly buffing the damage of the non cubes if it wanted to be unique.

    I'm kind of interested in seeing what kind of bleed numbers bloody twister puts out with arterial spray. That set could have been a really good hold set but the -50% multi-hit interval kills that potential. I guess you could consider it similar to madman in that you lose holding abilities but the set itself doesn't have any general buff to other skills like derange bonus or similar. The set actually fixes my only complaint with burst fury but the loss of holding time hurts it and focus on grabbing skills when we have no grab cannon sucks as well.

    Immortal murderer does give a +15% bonus to any skill you can cancel into and half those skills get another damage bonus from the set itself, but it has no cooldown reductions. It also feels like the set can't decide between being for bloody cross (no cooldown thirst) and being for diehard.

    Reckless abandon seems like the only really good c2 set. 100% uptime derange. Decent cooldown reduction (6sec raging fury? yes please). Average damage boosts with a similar damage boost to outrage break that brutal madman gets, just the focus is on the multi-hits instead of the slam. 3pc of this plus 6 pc dark bloodstain is also popular for sub 3 second cooldown raging fury.

    As lostinhere said, the bonuses for blood reaper are pretty insane. 7,5 second blood sword with derange up, 79% damage increase. Extra 550 strength increase and an extra 14% speed keeps you mobile enough to actually make use of that strength. The 3pc strength bonus to bloodlust beats out every other similar bonus, giving 75.8 strength meaning this set gives more strength than any other set. No idea how this changes when bloody cross becomes a skill bonus instead of strength.
  4. anontroll

    Boosting derange is nice and all, but that's giving strength across skills instead of specializing in one or two of them. I'd say compare clear times when you complete those buff sets vs focused sets like blood slayer and reckless abandon+dark bloodstain. I suppose it also depends on your play style.
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  5. Grandarex sure

    Interesting statement. Let me say a few things.

    "You don't get as much cooldown reduction and the loss of the extra burst from spammy bloody twister hurts it."
    The only cooldown reduction Brutal Madman gives is 50% on Outrage Break and 50% on Bloody Twister, while Infinite Onslaught gives Mountainous Wheel and Bloodlust by 25%, Raging Fury, Blood Sword, and Outrage Break by 30%. I do believe Infinite Onslaught gives better cooldown reduction since you can now cycle through your cubes faster.

    Also, the "extra burst from spammy bloody twister" is easily the worst part about Brutal Madman in my honest opinion, to a point where I think it's a huge nerf. The twister grab is literally our only party-friendly grouping grab that helps a ton especially when holding down or immobilizing bosses or trying to skip rooms in OV. For this reason, we usually leave this skill at 1... well, unless you have +15 zanbato or stack phys. attk. I can see it working out in solo runs, but the utility the hold gives is a huge loss.
    My friends have suggested that I swap gear when I need the Bloody Twister suction, but swapping out 7 pieces of gear to use one skill just doesnt seem practical to me.

    With that said, I agree with what most people said. The Outrage Break buff on 9 piece Brutal Madman is incredible and definitely gives us the burst that we need.

    But like I said, I'm just curious if anyone has actually acquired and tried these C2 sets in practice. Cuz on paper, they sound pretty decent.
  6. Phenir

    The cooldown reduction on mountainous wheel and blood lust don't matter much imo, it's like 1 second on mountainous wheel and 2 on on bloodlust unless it comes after frenzy reduction in which case it's only 1 second there as well. Brutal madman gives you this -1 second on mountainous wheel.

    Because of brutal madman's changes to twister, I think anyone that uses the set probably also maxes twister. Gives berserker much needed cubeless burst and straight up an extra damage move that infinite onslaught does not have. Max twister with the set does 5416%, more if it takes into account all the monsters in front of you. For a cubeless 12 second cooldown skill, that's not that bad.

    If you don't want to make the most of your gear by gear swapping and aren't willing to give up bloody twister hold, then yeah brutal madman will suck. I think it sucks to lose the hold as well which is why I want to go for blood reaper set instead. But if a person didn't care for losing the hold or are willing to gear swap, the 3pc bonus offers a good amount of damage.

    Maybe you can be the one to get the set and really show off its strengths, I'll look forward to it.
  7. anontroll

    If you care about burst, just roll with 9 piece blood slayer.
  8. Grandarex sure

    As much as I'd love to get the set, it's a huge investment gamble... I don't wanna end up regret spending metric shit ton of interdimensional frags on a subpar set. I will eventually, but right now, I gotta focus on gathering enough frags for a set that's truly endgame.

    Also, what skills do people drop in order to max out Bloody Twister? In my build, I managed to max out every single skill since I left BT at 1.
  9. Phenir

    I dropped gore cross and that let's me get to level 12 twister. Could probably drop blood ruin to 1 if you only use it for holding or blood memory in OV since it will only give 1 stack normally.
  10. Brutal Madman is the set everyone gets because of the power of outbreak the slam +100%, it does so much damage and you can do twice per derange
    Blood Reaper is for ppl who wants mobility and diesel blood sword, like today in rift boss, we killed him on phase 2 end.
    sometimes i get bakal kill before he flies to DDR. 7/9 Blood Reaper 6/9 Brutal Madman. the grind continues.

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