Let's Start Rebuilding and Reconnecting

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Are you going to be the first female launcher to level cap?

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  1. With our sweet, sweet DFO coming back to us within the month, I feel as if the conversations need to start up once more, especially ones related to the Female Launcher (considering that is the side of the forum that we're in). I know that I am no expert when it comes to her (but I'm willing to learn!), but let this thread be dedicated to the open discussion with the female launcher fan base, the critique of new builds, and a social mosh pit of friends with similar tastes in character/playstyle! We don't need to let the DFO fan base be a bunch of cliquey old-timers, we should be helpful enough to let our fellow players get a good footing into the game, and hopefully make it greater than it was years ago! :D
  2. MikeAndMoore The Dinosaur

    Forever inferior to male launchers represent
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  3. MikeAndMoore The Dinosaur

    I was just kidding :(
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  4. James ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░

    I just wanna shoot things with lasers, man.

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