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  1. I'm finally dabbling a bit in PVP with the new event, with pretty bad mechanics but very general FGC knowledge. I'm trying to understand just the basics for now regarding how to initiate and zone out/control the opponent; are there current videos of PVP summies I can watch to learn from after the summoning limit update, and skeleton builds for the two playstyles? And how much of a disadvantage is it to just go in with PVE DG+staff compared to rod+PVP avatars and setup?

    And for a new player, what I should be focusing on in terms of learning progression so I can more quickly improve? Right now I'm mostly playing run away/zoning attrition with non-existent punish and juggling game with sacrifice, but at least I'm not completely passive. Still, it's mostly just summoning and mixing in a random magic missile or frosty. I'm thinking:
    => how to trip opponents and juggle them better on their mistakes
    => basic matchup knowledge, i.e. which axis to avoid, general enemy initiation
    => how to efficiently recover and reset to neutral
    => how to control and stall resummoning cd

    Just want to learn how to PVP with summie that doesn't just run around waiting for sacrifice to cooldown. Any personal experience and information would be helpful; thanks!
  2. Dowiet

    I've been looking for new summoner builds in korea but i can't seem to find anyone streaming summoner. I've only seen some play in tournaments that are hosted often. I say that because I've seen some use lasher and i'm interested in what they sacrifice for it.

    to answer ur question regarding staff vs rod . You NEED that cast speed vs anything that will come charging at you ( very common ) . There are times when staff is optimal but it's pretty rare imo ( i don't bother) . DG is fine because it's 80 epic which is slightly better than 85 halidom.

    juggling is really really risky to do because the environment is laggy. It's possible but I wouldn't recommend it unless you are absolutely sure you are going to succeed or they get frozen from naias ( usually from sacrificial bomb). Even then a lot of people lag switch so it's fucking annoying anyways.

    Although I'm learning a lot still it really depends on match up in how you play. Generally start off with hodor or efreet (I always do efreet) then palm blast away from the opponent to give some room to summon. any slayer will either will neutral wave or start triple slashing their way over to you. From here you need to get your summons out and summoner train. ( train is very very strong against any melee opponent as it increases damage /hostility/keeps minions close and increases your defense)

    Staying of X-axis is probably recommended against all set ups. F.Nens will try to nen shot you from the other side of the screen. Neutral Waves will knock you down. Seismic generally has decent aoe but can be avoided. ( still learning to deal with it). Constant use of palm blast and sky assault will help you keep distance and really confuse your opponent.

    Against ranged opponents I find it key to have effective use of train. If they keep distance ( like fnens that just sit and cannon away) you turn off train and stick close to minions as they move over to the fnen. With careful positioning they often be with a sac range. If they become aggressive then turn on train. Just keep an eye on cds because if you get knocked in the air and your summons are expiring, you are in some deep trouble.

    Once you have minions going. Start harassing the hell outta them with magic missiles and mark the target. There really shouldn't ever be a point where you are doing nothing. The opponent will always be trying to catch you.

    Simple list for some opponents.
    Very Hard
    Fgrapplers - stupid to deal with. Their grabs will do a dumb amount of damage and they can just grab cannon your minions till you die. I hate them so much. ( not many play though so thats nice i guess)
    Berserker - easy as hell to initiate combo because mountainous aoe is retarded. They usually combo for like 70% of your hp. Outrage break does a dumb amount of damage, too. ( i tend to ban them )
    Monk - Only 1 monk I can't to beat and he's like the best monk on global. If they catch you the pain will be real. Most are easy to defeat though as long as you get your summons going.
    FSpit - For pretty much any class fspit is a huge pain the ass. You need to follow them but also dodge their bombs or it's free combo for them.
    Launchers ( both) - female is harder but if you fight a lagging one GOOD LUCK. You need to play extremely aggressive because summons are slow and their attacks will chunk you for a LOT. Be aware of quantum bomb placements and pray you actually land something on them.
    Lancers - Vanguard is weaker than durandal but god they have so much range and damage. Fuck lancers.

    - Charge crash is op and on a short cooldown. Try your best to not be on the X axis or they can just initiate and free combo. Their draw sword is failry easy to dodge because as soon as eche comes up they can do it. They also tend to move on the Y axis before doing it. Just jump to avoid. There also is a random bug going around that makes their draw sword do like 8-10x damage which is needless to say... Bullshit. To be honest most omnis are pretty bad and aren't hard to deal with. Just get used to jumping draw swords.

    Sword Master - only higher rated ones will likely give trouble but just like omniblades they get pretty dumb skill sets to counter anything you try.
    Fnen - If you don't dodge cannons then you aren't going to live long. Most will just play really defensive and just cannon all day. Harder ones are very aggresive and will try hard to combo you. Train usage is very important here to defeat them. As soon as you are close are they get aggressive make sure it's on. Also if they raging light dragon cast jump and jump then aerial lantern away from it!
    Vagabonds - giant aoes etc makes it annoying to beat. Low SA though is nice so your minions can mess them up badly.
    Strikers (both) - they do alot of damage and for some reason most have epic equips making it hurt. If you dodge their seismics and they have super armor up try to find time to dispel it. They are much easier to deal with after. absolutely stay off the X axis.
    Soulbender - I need more practice on them. They do a LOT OF DAMAGE and if they get lucky on saya ( they always seem to ) they get to combo for free wew. I was told to stay below them on Y axis so their moonlight slashes are less effective. Have to experiment more but for now I don't like them.
    DarkTemplar- rare to see and most are pretty bad so it shouldnt be hard

    Rangers -
    usually not hard just dodge rising shot and their nade drops and typically you're fine. Minions will take care of em. Keep train going.
    Demon Slayer - Haven't had much trouble on them. Keep summons going and stay off X axis. Their wild thrash can catch you but if you have minions out she'll get mobbed to death.

    - I rarely lose to them. Just keep distance and sac if they get close. They die cuz murderous attracts minions and minions poke poke them to death.
    Shadow Dancer - They are pretty rare. If you have minions out they shouldn't be hard ( they are super squishy). Keep train going and harass the hell outta them.
    Rogue - They have very little SA. Keep minions out and they'll cry.
  3. Vernon

    Would that be Puni with the 70%+ win rate? How is he so good lol.
  4. Dowiet

    is that Fractured? He's just really good at reading where you are going to move etc. Sucks losing but you gotta respect the skill.

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