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  1. xtesman

    hey you guys, im about to start a launcher and plan to use the chronicle event on him. which set should i grab?
  2. For fast clears/farming and future laser setting (let's be honest everyone makes a launcher for laser setting) quantum theory. saturation bomb can be used as a swap totally your call on that but taints are preferred. Sudden anhilation is an OK set for males but it's lack luster compared the the female counter part. I personally recommend Quantum theory. that with a halidom weapon and you can clear ex ancients rather smoothly.
  3. xtesman

    Thanks, I was eyeing that quantum theory too since it reduce alot of cooldown. Seeing that im open for weapon (halidom) and another item to stick with 9 piece chronicle, what should be my flexible armor piece? like a gracia top/bottom? alicia tears?
  4. Captain Trooper's Automatic Power Armor, smash piece, crit smash piece, or high elemental damage piece for your free slots.
  5. before I had an epic set I used 6pc quantum assassin's blade ring all element magic stone and some random epics I had. As far as legendaries go, gracia would be pretty strong in he future for us
  6. Zorc James Let me shoulder your sins.

    Mazurn, SinfullyGood
    NewWorld (Mazurn)
    So I decided to make to make a launcher for the seasonal server, and I was wondering if any of you guys knew of any good tips to use my launcher to the fullest
  7. Making a launcher in seasonal isn't the worst idea. Though you may have difficulty due to needing to be within a certain range for overcounters. If you feel sluggish at the early levels I would like to let you know that post cast delay reductions from our 2nd awakening enhanced str passive and and the buff concentrated fire remedy some of this. Attack speed and movespeed emblems are also helpful.

    One good thing about launcher is you don't actually need a set for swaps o.o just green tainted eagle eye. Go back a bit for eagle eye stacking info.

    In terms of armor slots alone you are getting
    75 fire, 7 crit, 5 pct skill dmg

    Common legendary only fire settings for armor alone would include
    Flaming Veil Over-Mantle (11 piece leg) 24 fire dmg, 11 attack speed, 13.2 cast speed
    Flaming Veil Over Shoes (11 piece leg) 24 fire dmg, 10 movement speed
    Fire Execution Moros, 22 fire dmg
    Bleak Suede Tunic, lvl 48-80 +1 skill. The important skills being Enhanced str +4% skill dmg per lvl and Heavy Firearms Enhancement 3% skill dmg per lvl on higher lvl cubes.
    Power Chain Leggings, 2% crit per 200 str. 100 phys, 60 indp if 100 %t phys crit.
    total: 70 fire dmg, 20% crit (assuming 2000 str), 100 phys, 60 indp, +4% and +3% skill dmg from the two 2nd awake passives alone

    36, 50, 14, 13, 58 = 171 mil from just eyeballing AH on 11/10/2016 vs free armor you will eventually replace

    *That being said flame drop trousers and sub meme belt can raise various leg setting to 150 fire dmg when swapping them in from moros and power chain, but free is free :why:

    Gracia armor + sub = 93 light -126 light depending on procs + 6% light elenore, but only really shines as an option when we get dual trigger. There aren't easy light dmg acc options compared to fire though, and nerbe cards are expensive atm. o.o
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  8. Zorc James Let me shoulder your sins.

    Mazurn, SinfullyGood
    NewWorld (Mazurn)
    I highly appreciate the help, good sir. I hope to make it up there in the high ranks of male launchers.
  9. xChaosxShot

    Here's a damage test for graica 6pcs, for people who are interested in investing time into farming gracia. Using lv19 EE swap and most equips are amp-ed and enchanted. The kill time for nugol is around 1:38.

  10. xtesman

    Hey u guys, i currently own the whole quantum theory set and 5 piece halidom from events, i have 2 legendary box from daughter event. What quest legendary should i pick up? is there a quest legendary armor set and accessories i should be shooting for? im still level 50 so its work in progress but im prepping once i hit 85. is the gracia hand cannon good? i was using one of the boxes to get that just to have the legendary stats weapon. until i find something better. thanks you guys.
  11. Don't get gracia hand cannon it would be a waste of a box imo. It doesn't count towards gracia set effect, and go for the same setup as the poster above you. It's up to you to get a liberation cannon or grinding overfield. Both are ok options until you find an epic. Most other legendaries aren't worth it with the exception of Captain Trooper's Super Cannon for eagle eye swap and maybe Grave Robber King's Hidden Empyrean Artifact for laser setting if you are gonna go chrons.

    I suggest you go Gracia setting for light or various fire legendaries for fire. Eventually you will transition to epics. If you find epics you can post what pieces you have available and we can try to help you from there, but various leg and epic set ups are too numerous to name. Generally you want one smash, one crit smash, and a lot of elemental damage. Elenore and skill dmg is nice most of the time too.
  12. xtesman

    im aware that its not part of the set but i figured it b a legendary gun to use temporary until i find a better one. so if i dont do that, which pink should i use because liberation is good but that takes time? halidom cannon? gigantic seems too long to grind, whats a better alternative accessories? halidom set? and what does elenore mean? thanks
  13. How long have you been playing, and do you have the pumpkin smash bracelet and zombie necklace? Honestly by the time we get the 3rd piece it would probably be an ok filler set given the 3rd effect isn't totally trash. If you have there two pieces and are waiting on the third event piece. I suggest you give these to him and throw cheap fire enchants on. It cost 3 Transcendent stones to move each piece since they are only lvl 17.

    I don't recommend grinding out guild acc since they aren't really that good, but in terms of pure fire dmg the full set is something like 34 fire damage and procs which can help you in any non anton content. However you can also farm three +15 fire beads that ONLY work with these acc by doing 4x guild invasions a day for 12 days total.
    8 fire per piece
    10 for set effect
    15 per guild acc bead
    for 79 fire dmg, which isn't terrible or great.
    With neoprem it takes 2 days of full fp farming without pots per piece. Meaning you can finish the set in a week IF you run hall for 14 certs. You will need to be carried
    A realistic boring grind at gate map would be something like a little over 4 days per piece.

    If you want to go fire instead of gracia I can suggest Filir - Undying fire (currently 100 mil), flame offering necklace (currently 25 mil), King's Road Keeper: Sacred Fire (currently 50 mil)
    no proc is 50 fire dmg up to 106 on three procs
    poverty 9-10 card or essence mecha tau card for 20 for another 27-60 fire dmg poops on guild acc o.o

    Arsonist cards are usually under 1 mil and 9-10 fire each, one per acc for 27-30 fire dmg
    Essence Mecha Tau cards are 30+mil

    If you go light it's various legendary acc or epics for crit smash, smash, or set effects since there aren't many great light dmg pieces for acc.

    Elenore is bonus damage, or additional lines of damage per hit.

    For a weapon watch out for grinding overfield on ah, since it's an alternative to liberation and much cheaper. Gracia cannon won't do much for you imo.
  14. xtesman

    Im one of the few steam players, so its not that long. I only have the bracelet. i dont recall the zombie necklace in september, so i dont think i can complete that set.if i was to get gracia 6 piece + light stone, would the 3 piece great glory accessories be sufficient? since bracelet gives that 10% attack and 5% crit, and neck gives elemental dmg, and ring gives raw stats. I think i rather go light only because it is more cost efficient because of these events legendarys we get.

    side note, whats the best way to make money in this game?

    Thank you again for all this information, greatly appreciated it.
  15. Talk to the man I the right side of Seria's room. The event is ongoing at the moment. You can get two zombie necklace boxes. You can get a good number of rewards 10x per alt I that zombie evert. Go to the 2nd event ch and rush to center to turn into zombie or turn others into zombies. Not worth wasting time. If lagging players or running just exit and rejoin to maximize event item farm speed.

    The ring hasn't been released yet.

    If you are going light just get armor pieces and sub or m stone. I suggest sub. Epic armor you may find might have you reconfigure your light set up but if it's an improvement it's hard to get angry about replacing pieces.

    I suggest holding off on gg until 6/6 gracia. Even then we might get 3rd holiday piece soon.

    If you end up using gigantic presence and have no crit smash petit destroyer is a great per. Even without the crit smash modifier +1 buster beam is at least 15% increase in 2nd awakening damage. Also later each level in heavy firearms mastery is 2 pct skill smh.
  16. [​IMG]
    none of the armor is amped but it feels so good
  17. xtesman

    what top avatar skill should i be choosing? and plat emblem? eagle eye? charged laser? etc? idk what im suppose to get.
  18. Priority is rare to with eagle eye option + eagle eye platinum emblem and rare bottom with eagle eye emblem.

    If you have the money for min/max enhanced str rare top + heavy firearms mastery plat and rare bottom with heavy firearms plat, since heavy firearms mastery becomes 2 pct skill smh per lvl later.

    Last rare top top option you might want If you like swapping is buster beam top with him plat. Each lvl in beam is 15% Or more to beam.

    You use eagle eye rare to buff then switch to skill dmg passives.
  19. Broke 3k str in town Feels good man

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