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  1. proto

    I was doing some tests on Kunoichi in training, found certain things that interested me, feel free to test/correct/add things:

    As of 12/20/2015:

    dark shadow:
    - bonus damage on marked target for clones are currently not working.
    - turning off the passive does not prevent kunai from marking targets or causing the magic defense debuff/fire resist debuff. it does however, stop kunai from attaching an explosive tag on an enemy. fire resist debuff will only applied on marked targets, while magic defense debuff will apply on everything. Marked targets will stay marked until death and cannot change targets.
    - marked targets will get burned by attacks hit by tornado and toad, but only at the end of the skill. it does not roll burn per hit, rather it rolls a burn chance at the end of the skill if the marked target is hit.

    cycles of eternity/clones:
    - bonus damage/penalty is currently not applied; cycles and clones will always do 100% of the skill damage regardless of skill level.
    - recording same skills; if you record the same skill, it will always look at the last same skill to see if you have crimson flare on or not.
    for example:
    record non buff toad -> record non buff toad -> record buff toad
    use cycle; all 3 toads will have crimson flare buff.
    record buff toad -> record buff toad -> record non buff toad
    use cycle; all 3 toads will NOT have crimson flare buff.

    On charging skills:
    - fully charging a skill and executing it drops maxed cd by 15% automatically. This works for cycles of eternity as well and yes, each clone skill will drop the current cd of the skill by 15%, and it stacks additively. This is why crimson sky epic with scorching heavens 9 pc is broken.

    Burning stigma:
    walking into an enemy within the px range will automatically changes the weak DoT into the stronger version DoT, and will not change even if you run out of range. It will reset, however, once the final explosion goes off. The timer also does not reset, merely changes to the stronger version automatically until it explodes.

    alot of other things I'm not 100% sure about, so if anyone has more info, that will be great.

    edit: update: I made a calculation error in terms of explosive tag damage, it is dealing the correct damage, I'm terribly sorry.
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  2. Derkacha

    Bonus damage on clones looks like it works to me except for toad oil and heavenly fire blast.
  3. proto

    That is interesting, let me go test this out, I never though that this bug is actually skill exclusive, alot more testing will be done. But yeah, as I said in the topic, if you found something incorrect or something you realize yourself, feel free to post it here, I hope there are other people willing to figure this out too.

    edit: I found something within duowan dnf that is interesting as well; according to the author, dark shadow passive atm only works on 3 skills, blazing blossom, multi-shuriken and fireball, and nothing else, here's the post:
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