Knight Subclass Advancement Quest Dialogue.

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  1. Time to Advance
    Annis: Wow, you're so good already! You should consider advancing to a new job.
    If you're interested, come to me. I'll tell you everything about the Advancement.

    Annis: You came. Let me tell you about the Advancement.
    As I've told you before, the Advancement lets you borrow abilities from a stronger version of yourself from a different dimension.
    Borrowing abilities only affects your physical capabilities, and will not transform you into a completely different individual. You know this already, since you have experience with the Advancement once. Right?
    This Advancement, however, may cause you to lose your soul to the other you, or worse, completely submit yourself to the borrowed power. It's absolutely necessary that only those who are strong enough to handle the consequences must be allowed to advance.
    <Player>, but I have no doubt you can handle borrowed power. Please make your decision, and talk to me again when you do.

    Elven Knight
    Annis: Elven Knights are the knights of the Elves, a race that has been forgotten in this world, even though it thrives and coexists with Humans in other parallel universes.
    Elven Knights wield a sword in one hand and a shield in the other, getting their enemies breathless in an unending chain of fast, perfectly timed attacks, courtesy of their superior agility.
    Elven Knights are accompanied by their guardian Unicorn that comes to their rescue in times of danger.
    If your really determined to become an Elven Knight, then prove it to me by defeating Dark Troll Chibuka, a powerful monster that has survived the terrible effects of the Great Metastasis. That'll also determine if you can withstand the physical strain put on your body.

    Annis: No--are you interested in becoming a Chaos?! Oh, no, I'm just surprised.
    Aeons ago, the homeland of the Majins, the parents of Chaoses, was decimated into a small patch of land that has been drifting across dimensions since then. The Majins, during the time of their tribulation, discovered mana, a spiritual essence that facilitated the use of magic.
    They failed an experiment, which opened their world to the invasion of the Demons. Chaoses are born into Demons and Majins. The Demonic Blood in them bestowed them with strong mana and a violent temper.
    Chaoses pursue power. They travel around Pandemonium to test their strength and recruit Demons for their combat units.
    The wisdom of the Majins that have accumulated over a long period of time cultivated Chaoses' strategic minds, enabling them to command their Demon units effectively.
    The power of Chaos can definitely help you accomplish your goal, but it can be dangerous to someone such as you who is not a real Chaos.
    Are you sure? Then, prove it to me by defeating Dark Troll Chibuka, a powerful monster who has survived the terrible effects of the Great Metastasis. That'll also determine if you can resist the power of the Demons.

    Annis: You're impressive, <Player>. Your mind is strong enough to withstand the effects of abilities borrowed from another version of you in a parallel universe.
    Now, breath deeply and close your eyes.

    Advent's Note: Seeing as Knight is a little different I've decided to include the previous quest line dialogue before the decision, also I won't be doing F.Slayer's 2nd awakening quests for Demon Slayer, Dark Templar and Vagabond as it seems someone was generous enough to do them for me and they are up on the Wiki. That said the next up would probably be Dark Lord, I apologize if this is taking long. I'm starting to suffer MMO burn out but I'll keep trucking along.

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