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  1. Alex X

    Out of sheer curiosity, exactly how many people here are actually happy (or later became happy) that Knights came out before F-slayers or the second set of Thief classes?

    Funny enough, I personally wasn't really that hyped up for any of them, but I was slightly more interested in Knights because they were the first new class that wasn't a genderswap. And yes, I'm aware F-slayers are about as similar to male ones as the two mages are, but Knights don't have a gender prefix and open the way for their own counterpart later, which we haven't had since Thieves were introduced. Of the two subclasses they offered, Elven Knight stood out to me the most. With friends I joke that it was the pony that got me to like them, but the truth is that A. other MMOs like FF14 have gotten me a newfound appreciation for playing tank classes, and B. existing classes like Battlemage and Male Nenmaster showed that I tend to enjoy classes with a dance-like rhythm to them, and the Combo system EK's have is pretty clearly a dance-like rhythm.

    After creating my EK, I was pretty much betting I'd be leaving her at my chosen milestone for the levelling event (61) due to my habit of burning out whenever I stuck to one character too long, but even after completing it, I still found myself wanting to play her often and now she is one of my only 3 characters in Timegate. F-slayer fans can rest assured I still have both the desire and plans for making a Demon Slayer, and I'll probably be trying Kunoichi/Shadow Dancer later as well, but while I'm sure they'll be plenty of fun, Elven Knight ended up resonating with me far better than even I had expected her to.
  2. Fennexis Too old for this.

    I'm happy with her.
  3. zkpd

    i appreciate knights 。^‿^。
  4. Enoch the Fierce Breathe Again

    Happy not because i like bimbos, but happu because theyre concepts and mechanics are fresh and new.

    I honestly Elven Knight when she was first released, maybe because she was missing a few skills like Boar and Rose Throns and the early videos had people play her almost like a striker and ignored the chain rush skill.

    Then Neople released this vid and i fell in love so much i had to try her in CDNF.

    I didn't recreate her in DFOG because i suck at Chain Rushing

    Chaos tho. Was like a dream come true, it combines the silliness of Witch that i liked with similar strength of a summoner. I played her up to like level 54 in CDNF then stopped because my account was unverified/locked. Then i made her again in DFOG and capped and still having fun.
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