KDNF Client (Updated files as of 4/13/17)

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  1. Laande Third best girl

    Small disclaimer: Since the old thread hasn't been updated in so long and I don't want to bother Hime on that I'll be uploading my folder from now on. I've gotten mods permission to do so.

    Welcome! This is the place to look for the most major up to date kDnF client folders. I'll be updating my folder both upon request, most major content updates and unique avatar updates. Just be aware that the current kDnF folder is huge in size and can take awhile to upload.
    (I'll be getting to do full updates and sub folder updates as I can, please be patient with me as I also have other things I need to attend to at times)
    Also if you know of any better places to upload please let me know.

    Main kDnF client. - Download
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  2. anontroll

    Laande, I'm gonna try downloading this when I get home but I'm sure the files work fine/are perfectly accessible with DNFE. I didn't wanna bother Hime either and it seems like she's busy now, so I kinda just waited around for someone to update kdnf client/files. Bless your soul, you're doing God's work! :)

    Edit: Hmm, idk if it were recent or what but I know MEGA limits you on how much bandwidth you can download within a given time; the cap is like 5 GB or something and then you have to wait several hours for it to resume. Unfortunately, I'm not really sure if there is a better site to upload, maybe Mediafire.

    Update: Yea, it says I need to wait a whole 7 and a half hours just to continue the download. If you can find another free medium to upload the client/files to, please do so for the sake of posterity lmao.
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  3. Space Fish Fishstick Van Platin

    Mega's probably the best you'll get. Even Mediafire has started with shitty redirect ads.
    If filesize is a problem, Winrar and 7zip let you split files.
  4. anontroll

    You missed the point; I'm saying as long as another site lets you download more bandwith within a given time, to me it's better - shitty ads or not. Pretty sure I clearly implied that it's not dependent on how much you download at one given time or how large a single file is, but rather you are capped on downloading a certain amount of bandwith within a given time. As I stated before, it seems to be a measly 5 GB per several hours or so, which is pretty terrible considering how large the kdnf client/imagepacks is. I'm not necessarily saying a better free medium exists, but it's more like I haven't ever experienced this issue with MEGA before. So really, I'm just ranting/disappointed. If I can find a better uploader to use, I'll be sure to share it here.

    Update: Ah, it's a shame but the files don't work for modding. They can't be played around with as clicking on them just crashes DNFE. It's no different from the problem I had when I tried to download the client myself from the Neople website. The NPK converter in the Mods section of this forum doesn't help either. I think recently kdnf changed their file types again which makes it impossible to mod with using DNFE.
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