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    Guild Kawaii Profile:
    Guild Level: 17 (Achieved 4/29/16)
    Guild Master: kt132
    Guild Officers: Ahly, Elementalist, Nihiru, Suveil,
    Guild Members: (900+/1000)
    How to join Kawaii:
    There is no requirement to join, preferably use the guild application feature in-game to request to join, otherwise you may ask the guild master or guild officers for an invite, or post in this thread.
    Guild History:
    LemoNa was a guild originally created in February 2012 on DFO by neolucid and his friend skxXero, after their previous guild became inactive.
    It later became one of the most active guilds on DFO, and the second most active guild on DFOSource!
    We changed the guild name to Kawaii, because some idiot stole the guild name "LemoNa", and demanded money for it back.
    Guild Kawaii has been around since day 1 of DFOG!
    Guild Social Media:
    Guild Voice & Text Chat (Discord. No download required.)
    Main Guild Rules/Guidelines:

    TL;DR version of the rules:
    1. Don't get banned.
    2. Members may have up to 5 character MAX.
    3. You'll be removed from the guild with no warning if you're inactive. You may rejoin at anytime!
    4. Rules are subjected to change and just because something isn't mentioned does not mean we will allow it.
    5. We are fairly hands off with the chat, but that does not mean someone isn't keeping an eye. If any authority figure talks to you about it, it means shape up or leave.

    Detailed version:
    Everyone starts out at Recruit! Requirements and benefits to become a Sr. Member or Guild Officer can be found below in their own separate section.
    1. Guild Officers have the same power as Guild Master. If they ask you to do something, please do it. If you have a problem with a Guild Officer report it to the Guild Master with evidence, and an explanation of the problem.
    2. All members may have up to 5 characters max, any more and we will kick at our own discretion.
    3. Be active in-game, and participate in guild events, please!
    Currently, you will be automatically kicked from the guild without warning or explanation if you do not login after 10 days. If you were kicked from the guild without given a reason it was because of inactivity or error. More time will be allowed depending on the guilds current capacity. You are welcome to rejoin the guild if you were kicked with no explanation at anytime. You may request a grace period if you give a time estimate and reason for absence. If you will be gone for longer then 3 weeks please just leave the guild until you come back, or you will be kicked after 21 days.
    4. Be respectful to all Kawaii guild members.
    5. Do not have several minute long debates/arguments with guildmates. Please don't cause drama! Move it to whispers!
    6. Don't be cruel to anyone outside the guild. (Flaming occasionally is not a big deal, but don't constantly harass someone or become infamous for being a jerk)
    7. Don't flood guild chat with spam. (Constant begging, advertisements, item selling, etc)
    8. Using or condoning hacks is a 1st offense ban. Don't willingly join hacked parties. (Please provide screenshot and/or video proof for reporting if you can!)
    (Game mods are okay. Examples: Modifying Sound/Music/Avatars/UI)
    9. Scamming anyone is 1st offense ban. (Please provide screenshot and/or video proof for reporting if you can!)
    How to become a Sr. Member: (Currently bugged and not doable.)
    To become a Guild Officer you must be an active member of Guild Kawaii, willing to help recruit members, moderate chat, host or contribute to events, be active in social media, and help out guildmates. (

    Sr. Member benefits:
    You wont be kicked from the guild for 3x longer than Jr. Members for inactivity.
    You may also invite others to the guild, but make sure to not exceed max character per person!

    Guild Kawaii Donations
    Last Updated: 3/25/16

    Cera Donations:
    ~ $133+ - GoddessKitty
    ~ $90 - Elementalist
    ~ $20 + Guild Propaganda Megaphones - Yarai
    ~ $20 - Halozy

    Gold Donations:
    ~ Rayot - 11,275,000
    ~ Yarai - 9,006,600
    ~ Mauren - 5,500,000
    ~ JudgingYou - 3,300,000
    ~ Ahly - 2,756,000

    32415 - 10k
    Achilla - 2,600,000
    AegisOfFate - 10k
    Ahly - 2,756,000
    Akaori - 20k
    AoiHikari - 10k
    AriesTheRam - 151,000
    Armyof0ne - 2,230,000
    B1indGod - 1,000,000
    Bady - 154k
    Batsugun - 500k
    BeiYana - 10k
    BigBigSnow - 89k
    Blast - 1,010,000
    Bonkers - 70k
    Bravos - 50k
    Brick - 800k
    ChemicleLove - 20k
    CodeZero - 100k
    DaNNN - 30k
    DarkKien - 80k
    DarkPistol - 40k
    Dawn - 1,000,000
    Decisive - 200k
    dogownerasur - 1,000,000
    DrWolfKill - 627k
    DustDaRapper - 450k
    EagleEyeJay - 410k
    Elementalist - 2,000,000
    emphs - 110k
    EmpressOfNen - 376k
    Emsx - 60k
    EtherealWave - 50k
    Exustio - 52k
    Eyas - 200k
    frast - 100k
    frejaLy - 1,000,000
    GrimoireWeis - 1,000,000
    Halozy - 696,696
    HarukoHarumi - 10k
    HolyFighter - 300k
    HowIFist - 3,000,000
    hyperloli - 687k
    iDemacia - 24k
    igambitex - 20k
    Imeka - 20k
    Ivris - 1,662,000
    Janiries - 75k
    JudgingYou - 3,300,000
    Kalessin - 10k
    KalRhenth - 1,050,000
    Kingofbombs - 10k
    KissMyAsura - 50k
    Kitty. - 826k
    KJexorcist - 100k
    KnightLikeU - 100k
    Kumirei - 1,000,000
    kt132 - 1,150,000
    Lilea - 1,000,000
    LoliNipples - 50k
    Lunartic - 777,777
    Lunasun - 50k
    Magii - 300k
    Maho - 1,000,000
    Mauren - 5,000,000
    Meowies - 10k
    Mera - 2,018,000
    Miruu - 50k
    Munchlax - 200k
    NakanoAzusa - 50k
    Nenigma - 110k
    Niethill - 1,000,000
    Nihiru - 1,000,000
    Nuomici - 1,000,000
    Orphane - 1,000,000
    Panda - 266k
    Palpatine - 1,000,000
    Pamine - 992,000
    PingPingPing - 10k
    PrincessNyan - 50k
    Rainbow - 1,895,000
    RaingaXL - 500k
    Rayot - 11,275,000
    RealLife - 32k
    Reli - 50k
    Rukiya - 1,000,000
    Sancrosanct - 200k
    SasukeX - 200k
    Selford - 100k
    Sharprang - 100k
    SirTavi69 - 100k
    Snapfu - 1,000,000
    SwordNight - 1,100,000
    testpanz - 262k
    TokiKurumi - 300k
    Tyseriuz - 100k
    WETRoLL - 1,000,000
    Wimsy - 168k
    Witchin - 10k
    WitchinHour - 60k
    Wizzardu - 296k
    XingleIndigo - 10k
    XOA93 - 275,000
    xoXMinaXox - 960k
    Yarai - 9,006,600
    Yarai13 - 70k
    Zeuss - 57k
    Zst0rme - 20k
    Zubatman - 2,180,000

    Reporting members of Kawaii:
    If you see a member of Kawaii breaking any rules please privately contact the guild master, or a guild officer with screenshot, or video proof of the problem, and an explanation of the issue.
    If you have a bad experience with a guild officer please report the problem to the guild master.
    Thank you!
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  3. Aethersteel IGN: Aethersteel(Ninpo) Guild: NewWorld/Kawaii

    Why new thread old one wasnt good enough for kt standards :V
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    I'm the GO now, so Jy told me to make a new thread so I can actually control the first post.
  5. Lexicanum

    Hey! Just got a few questions if your willing to answer!
    Are you guys going to be organizing/doing anton raids.

    What's your activity levels?

    And Is there OV Runs I'll be able to jump into?

    Also do you have Voip or just chat based?

    Thanks in advance! IGN is lexicanum
    Message me there or here!
  6. kt132 = w=

    We are currently organizing 2, maybe 3 raid groups with new World. But as for now, it is unlikely that every applicant will be accepted due to lack of gear balance.

    We average around 70+ people on during peek activity, but chat activity is completely random in-game.

    Ov runs happen when people just ask and you might find a party/carry, or people might be doing other things.

    We have a discord,

    If you send a guild app, someone will get to you once they see it! Thanks for joining :D
  7. Lexicanum

    thanks! i joined on my alt but im gonna need a invite to the discord! the link you posted before doesnt work
  8. kt132 = w=

    The link is fixed now xD
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