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    So a while ago I actually had a magic cataclysm drop on my sword master and up until recently I was unaware that it could supposedly be used for a very high-end katana SM build. It only works come the rework where we get imperial sword, allowing katana to spam it, proccing and benefiting from the basic training bonuses of the magic cata.

    Anyway, I was wondering what kind of gear a medium-low funded player should be aiming for in this case. I had a few items in mind, like a requiem/liberation katana since I don't expect a nice epic katana to drop (finding the magic cata was already a miracle in and of itself). I was also planning to grind the two ancient sets; that is, the Vilmark set which gives 20% damage for 15 seconds every 20 seconds and the King's Ruin set, though I'm wondering if it's worth grinding all of that set in particular. It won't be a problem for me to grind any ancient items because of those entry dailies.

    Are there any chronicle sets I should be using instead? I'm saving up interdimensional frags for a 9pc monster ruler but should I spend them on a different set? Or if katana SM doesn't need any chrons, just buy monster ruler and use it until rework?

    Of course, you can make completely different suggestions for gear if I didn't mention them. I might be on the completely wrong track, who knows?

    Since I've been blessed with an item like this, I feel obligated to make the most of it I can in order to honor those who wanted a magic cataclysm but never got one. :( Even if it takes a butt-ton of funding I don't have, we'll see where I stand and how much work it'll take to get to where I need to get.

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