Jadefrost's Multi-Hitting Monk Guide (post-skill revamp)

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    Jadefrost's Multi-Hitting Monk Guide


    Also known as blue-fists, monks have a Hitmonchan-like reputation to clean out enemies with a barrage of punching skills. It's one of the most quickly-paced classes in the game to play, and it requires proficient dexterity and reaction time to excel in PvP. Monks have an incredibly direct style of play (see elementalists for contrast), which for many players--myself included--contributes to an engaging playing experience. Following the new skill rebalance, monks have achieved an even more fluid style of play and have climbed to the top half of the tier system. Here's a rundown of their major pros and cons.

    • Fluid playstyle, allowing for great comboing in both PvE and PvP.
    • Tons of multi-hit, which means ridiculous DPS from shadow boxer and procs from items.
    • Single-enemy terminator-Fantastic damage when allowed to concentrate on a single enemy. Great for juggling mobs, which helps in Anton and PvP.
    • Sader-tier physical party damage support.
    • Limited skill selection - nearly all skills are melee
    • Awkward burst intervals
    • Limited super-armored and OTG skills in PvP.


    Monks are a difficult class to gear. Virtually every skill we have is pure percent. The two exceptions: shadow boxer (half fixed) and twister of judgement (purely fixed). Both these skills deal tremendous DPS, and so to get the most out of our damage monks need a high base physical attack as well as high independent damage. The good news is that monks get in inordinate strength buff from will driver and a hefty physical damage increase from judgement, one of our 2nd awakening passives. With that said, the best route for gear stacking involve elemental damage and physical crit.


    Totems are hands-down the way to go for monks. In comparison to battle axes, totems offer: 10% melee skill cooldown reduction (cdr), an additional 10% all skill cdr, 100 str and ~8% attack speed. With the physical damage increase from our 2nd awakening passive, battle axes give only about a 7-8% higher raw damage output than totems, which doesn't come close to compensating for the aforementioned bonuses. With all that said, I'll go through a few of the noteworthy end-game totems.

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    This is going to be a Monk PvP combo guide?
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    It's going to be multi-faceted, so it will be including PvP combos as well as PvE

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