Insight, Aqua Affinity or Frozen Soul?

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  1. Which of those would work great for a Clone Ava top or should I just get all 3? On that I was wondering if there was any benefit to using Staff over Rod for a Glacial Master.
  2. Alex X

    Aqua Resonance is usually the best option since water damage boosts tend to benefit more than the INT boosts that Insight offers, and Frozen Soul only really works on frozen enemies, making it impractical.

    The skills all change to become better after the second awakening revamps, but DFOG is unlikely to get those for at least a year or so due to being pretty far behind DnF right now. Still, if curious I believe Aqua Resonance becomes an aura, Insight gains hit rate and magic crit, and Frozen Soul adds its bonus damage to specific skills rather than frozen foes.

    Staff vs Rod is largely power vs speed and possibily utility: Staff has the strongest M-attack of all mage weapons, but rods tend to have GM skills more often and have the highest attackspeed, latter of which is particularly important because GM skills often have some wind-up that gets 'hidden' by how fast rods speed them up. You can use either in pve and do well, though rods are the better option in pvp.
  3. I figured as much cause for now it feels insight needs 2 levels to lower mana cost by 1% while Aqua is a direct damage upgrade. So staff for most damage if you have attack speed on you and rods for speed that makes up for the damage? Since right now I'm so used to using the X-string along with my cancel possible skills. (finishing a combo only to dash with our drill dash is so fun!)
  4. Alex X

    Since GM is effectively a melee magic class there's value in both power and speed for the same reason you''ll see weaponmasters running around with zan/blunt as well as ones with katana/lightsabers instead, so I'd suggest trying both out and seeing what you like best.

    And while we're here, if you like the ice weapon skill combos you'll be happy to know that after the second awakening revamp GMs get their own version of Muscle Shift, allowing for cancelling skills into each other directly for more damage. Like I said it'll probably be a long time before DFOG gets the changes, but even so there's a lot of positive changes to look forward to.
  5. Yeah reading the 2nd Awakening patch notes made me revive (heh even though they never die) my glacial master. For now I'll prolly use Rods till I get a good staff. I can't wait to get more M. Crit from insight along with juedecca bow. Thing looks beastly

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