idk why but my sword disappeared

Discussion in 'Sword Master' started by Zero.EXE17, May 11, 2016.

  1. Zero.EXE17

    i made a sword master but when i use any "X" attack my sword isn't there and even equipping another blade doesn't fix the problem, also when standing idle, using "Z" attacks jumping and dashing i have the serpent sword (i did buy that skill before i advanced to the SM) can anyone help me out please?
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  2. Zerobeat ¬ヘ¬

    It's common for this to occur with any base fslayer if they get Heaven's Cleaver even if you unlearn the skill before advancing.
    Usually, relogging solves the problem
  3. Zero.EXE17

    thank you very much, i saw it went away^^ i just hope other people don't have to go though the same thing i did (i was about to delete that character before i saw your comment lol) i owe ya dood^^

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