Iced Arrow Set

Discussion in 'Glacial Master' started by Luigi Mario, May 13, 2016.

  1. Spamrat

    It just happens to be the strongest weapon I've got available at this time. I'll likely have the 100+ avatars shortly after we get the next avatar package.

    However, it's too amusing to ever get rid of it.
  2. Acewing

    I think in general, rods are just too uninspired or unique. Even with Rabi rod, it's not exactly what I would call optimal. I mean you have to hook yourself up to mana items every 10 seconds at all times, and proccing revives is undesirable, since you can't use mana items, thus, you must die if you ever fall the first time. Every other rod is just plain bleh, even shepherds. Wizard Staff being rank A is a's just making the point that rods really need more oomph to them. Anyway, I hope you can find something better soon!
  3. Spamrat

    The last of my bonus videos, all with the 9 piece Ice Arrow Shot set with Star Fall equipped.

    Ghost Train:

    EX Vilmark:

    Inverted Watchtower:

    Banquet Hall of Light:

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