Iced Arrow Set

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  1. Is there a video of this set?

    How good is it?

    Is it like shooting a gun?
  2. Chatterlal Needs more swords


    The bes' vid.
    Best single target damage set. And it plays as you are literally just sh*tting out arrows.
    You will stand there, fire ice bow, maybe use one other move and then continue to fire the arrows.
  3. So it's a machinegun(Or a rifle)
    Any other videos :)
  4. Any video in a Non-Anton dungeon or a video with Mind Stimulant potion used?

    Or any video where c/d is so low he keeps firing as if there's no c/d.
  5. Spamrat

    I recorded this as another sample video for you. This video is showing off a 6 piece version with Magical Rainstorm as the top. I also switched between a Red Fang Bottom and a Blue/Green Broken Arrow tainted pants in this video.

    If you want me to do an alternative 6 piece setup without epic armor, I can do that using a couple of blue/green imbued tainted pieces I have that accomplish roughly the same wait time as the Magical Rainstorm + Red Fang Bottom.

    If you want a 9 piece comparison, I can rent the top and do another video.

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  6. I want you in a snowman outfit :)

    9 Piece + blue/green imbued tainted pieces + Mind Stimulant.

    Although I wonder what setup allows the minimal wait time w/o epics. Moe arrows or more c/d or mix of both. 9 piece w/ blue/green imbued tainted pieces or 6 with blue/green imbued tainted pieces. Or 6-9 w/ only blue or green.

    W/e that is, I'd like to see it w/ Snowman doing it.

    Gracias :)
  7. Spamrat

    I'll be able to record another video in about an hour or so, in a snowman outfit at that. This time I'll just show off the difference in cooldown length in the practice room.

    My money is on 6 piece Ice Arrow Shot with 3 blue/green imbued pieces for having the lowest effective delay between uses before considering Mind Stimulant. I'm also pretty sure you won't even need Mind Stimulant with that setup.
  8. After you find the optimal setup, I'd like to see you teach Becky a lesson by using Arrows w/ the optimal(w/o epics) setup throughout nearly he whole dungeon on groups of enemies nd exclusively on Becky.

    Hanged Watchtower on slayer w/ Mind Stimulant.
  9. Spamrat

    Just finished getting the test video uploaded, which does show the delays of Broken Arrow before and after Mind Stimulant Potions being used.

    The video tests, in this order of appearance; 9 piece IAS with Ratria's Tear, 9 piece IAS with Magical Rainstorm, 6 piece IAS with 3 blue/green Broken Arrow tainted pieces and Ratria's Tear, and 6 piece IAS with 2 blue/green Broken Arrow tainted pieces, Magical Rainstorm, and Ratria's Tear.

    The summary of it is, if you want damage, 9 piece with Ratria's Tear or better. If you want as little delay as possible without using Mind Stimulant Potions, either of the 6 piece IAS setups I used are recommended.

    I'll work on the Inverted Watchtower part in a bit, but I will be using my +10 Love, Love! Crystal Twinkle Magic Shot.

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  10. I see. Although I did say I wanted to see the optimal setup(Least delay) in the watchtower w/o epics while wearing snowman outfit :)

    You should use Mind Stim potion.
  11. Spamrat

    6 piece IAS with 3 blue/green Broken Arrow tainted pieces. I did get my hands on a Lighted Rod last night so I finally had something a bit better to use.

  12. Welp, Becky's gonna have my head for sending a Snowman to assassinate her twice by poking her with arrows :)


    Although it would be interesting to see Snowcupidman take out Mecha Tau and his dungeon :)

    I'm guessing Borodin is a nightmare for this set.
  13. Spamrat

    Well she had it coming since I gave her all that cotton candy and she didn't even put in a good word to RNG when I ran her dungeon for all of my hells.

    As for Mecha Tau, that should be possible.

    If you don't mind me bursting the relevant knights, I can attempt giving Borodin all the arrows he could want.

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  14. Go for it :)
  15. Serkia

    Man that 9piece IAS+Rainstorm just makes me want Rainstorm even more :V
  16. Spamrat

    EX Vilmark:

    King's Ruin/Relic:
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  17. Miek

    Here's a video of me doing suju like a year ago lol
  18. Spamrat

    Bonus video, using the full 9 piece Ice Arrow Shot set with Star Fall to do the bulk of the damage clearing floor 25 of ToDes.

  19. Acewing

    Twinkle Twinkle Magic Shot?! :O That's one I haven't seen mained before...Do you have over 100 ava costumes to become the ultimate mahou shota?

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