I think my own shitty mentality is preventing me from breaking into endgame

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  1. i don't usually get all retrospective about downvoted reddit comments i made, but one i made recently just did.

    i think i'm making a lot of (quite frankly borderline nonsensical) assumptions about raiding:
    • having a shit computer will somehow get me blacklisted by raid sellers because they'll perceive me as some sort of Chinese lagger (in reality, getting 0.2 frames per second in Anton maps. and, just to twist the knife harder, ONLY on Anton maps - nowhere else in the game). being raised by frugal parents, just the thought of buying a new computer solely for better framerates in DFO seems about as asinine as buying a new console for one game to me (as pretentious as that sounds), so now i'm stuck between a rock (being a cheap bastard) and a hard place (above consequences of being a cheap bastard)
    • nobody really gives a shit about raid gimmicks since people just power through them, and i look like the fool for reading Anton normal guides
    • this is probably my own fault, but being m.ranger main carries the assumption that they're +20 epic revolver or bust, and from what i understand this is mostly because of the super early days of Nexon DFO. (i'm trying to "fix" this by slowly maining Dark Knight instead)
    if i think of any other bullshit excuses not to do endgame i'll edit this post
  2. 1. Of course lagging like fuck is gonna get you blacklisted. Change your settings or upgrade or clean it up. Whether you play one game or 1000, you only have so much time to spend enjoying yourself, so buying a better computer will be a great idea if you spend a ton of time on it.

    3. You knew what you were getting yourself into. Go big or go home
  3. 1. i'll be happy to if i get an upgrade for free. living with a draconian asian helicopter dad who wants you to get a license asap to get a job and simultaneously doesn't want you to get a job for reasons unknown kind of fucks with little things like having an income of more than zero dollars

    if anything, the fact that more people are inclined to agree with you rather than disagree with you, plus the fact that the chances of me getting a better laptop in the next 20 years is nil, probably means i should quit this game

    hoping this optimization patch i hear of occasionally on this site fixes something regarding the framerate. pretty much the only reason why my framerate would be shit is because this game's kinda bad at caching sprites to memory, even with minimum graphics settings. ever notice how the game would very briefly freeze the first time you use a skill (with the freeze getting longer for screen-wide skills)?

    3. honestly, no i didn't. when i first started playing DFO (9 months before Nexon DFO died) i mained ranger because he looks like Dante.
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    2) you need to know gimmicks.
    3) ur stuck in nexon dfo if u think reinforcement does anything.
  5. oh, i know +10 vs. +12 does fuck all for damage increases, it just seems a lot of people don't

    real talk about gimmicks: my general thought processes regarding those is "read a guide about gimmicks" -> "wipe your party due to your inexperience" -> "never get accepted again because word of mouth spreads about how shit you are with gimmicks" -> "get stuck in a hole not getting real raid experience"

    maybe i'm just being ridiculously negative and assuming way too much
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    I mean it all depends on the gear you got. As a ranger ill admit having partied with garbage dump "Min" spec rangers, You prolly want to invest a little bit in hell atleast to the point where you have epic offslots for your gracia, this isnt very hard in the current state of the game since most if not all drops outside of weapons not for you in the 85/90 pool are usable.

    You definitely need to know the gimmicks, people definitely do ignore them, but that only works when you can afford it to work, and in some pubs shit goes downhill because people just do whatever they want and dont know jackshit. it works 70% of the time because they have gear but... yeah.

    Computer issues are struggle, thats for you to sort out. But ill admit, when I have a customer that is lagging really badly, its a drag. ill try and get them clears, but if me holding the enemies BREAKS them because you are lagging so hard, you are not only costing yourself your clears, but you are hindering my other customers. who wanna get their 2 clears so they can go continue doing whatever it is they were doing.
  7. I highly doubt every single raid is going to blacklist ONE player for that reason, keep in mind mistakes happen and that you're not the only player in the server who will mess up gimmicks lol.
  8. yeah now that i read that again and think back to raid level content on games like The Division that was kind of asinine for me to say

    i dunno man, i'm sleep deprived as fuck right now and mostly a negative person by nature

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