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  1. Dhark

    I have a month in this game and i want to know , what is the type of sword that blood evil use? , some people say me katana and others zanbato and now im really confused , and if is not a problem who can give me the best build of the moment or most recommendable for this class, i appreciate all of help guys.
  2. madchickins Zhu c 666

    zanbato for leveling because your spells are weak and you need to xxx-chain for damage. When you get stronger (lvl 75+), you will rely on more atk speed as that speeds up the animation of your spells. you will depend less and less on xxx-chain as you get stronger and more on your spells until you completely drop xxx-chain. And zanbato's are only good for xxx-chain and percentage skills where the zerk focuses primarily on fixed skills. There is no best build, its up to your playstyle. max all strong spells and have a go at it. If you notice it doesnt suit your playstyle drop points from it and put it in skills you use more often.
  3. Grandarex sure

    May I be the first to recommend Bludgeon?
    It's got highest strength bonus, good speed and damage. I highly recommend it.

    But later on, berserkers use whatever higher tier weapon we come across, regardless of weapon type as long as it's not short sword or lightsabre.

    Found a Glacial Zanbato (boss unique zanbato) from Naissance dungeon? Great!
    Managed to buy a cheap Hercules (unique bludgeon) from the auction house? Awesome!
    Rolled some good stats on a Powerful Magic Sealed Katana? (unique-grade magic seal katana) Excellent!

    I love the flexibility. You'll appreciate it too later on.
  4. I'm using zanbato and because it's the only equipable epic I could get
    if I could get one of the epics katanas, I would swap in a heartbeat but Yang:Sword Ganjang it's supposed to be top5 at the current meta so i'll stick with it.
    but as you will see that with more attack speed and movement your moves are better off with a katana, but if other weapon effects makes the outcome stronger, go with that.
    damage gap between mist katana and yang sword was about 39pct ish for me, so I'll stick with that.
    also another reason is your strong moves are based on weapon attack speed too
    a katana will release faster than zanbatos. so while you derange(25seconds) you can use your maximize your damage with a katana more effectively, but if you like strong slow attacks zanbato is your choice.
  5. Phenir

    Early on, go zan or bludgeon for frenzy attacks like madchickens said. Once you start getting your cubes, you will rely much much less on your frenzy attacks so it will matter less what weapon type you use and more on what the actual bonuses on the weapon are. Build wise, we have free resets so why don't you try out everything and see what you like? Recommended maxes are blood sword, thirst, derange, frenzy, mountainous wheel, outrage break, raging fury. If you get a high reinforced weapon (kind of a waste on berserker) you can try out maxing bloody twister.

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