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    I was doing the good ollle synthesizing today and every time i tried to make a gold through silver which has apparently a "High" chance of getting a gold i get all silver... Like what the fuck is wrong with this game..... Theirs a higher chance of getting gold, but instead the game caters to that low percentage of getting silver.. BUT when you out here trying to get that low percentage of epics, the stupid ass rng system caters to that fking high percentage of not getting it.. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG WITH THIS GAMES SYSTEM, I swear its just built to fck you over again and again...

    OHH yeah when you try to make silver through bronze with that bs "low" chance of making silver, it actually caters to that low chance...
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  2. Newhere

    i have to this day not once made a silver from 5 bronze. Its a waste of time to even try it. The description of chances are pretty arbitrary. The real odds you would need to figure out from trial and error. Its been a while since the gracia warship event but i think the odds of synthesizing 5 silvers are something like 10/40/40 plat/gold/silver.

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