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Discussion in 'Looking For' started by JadeSky, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. JadeSky

    I've been playing the game for a while now ...well while is a huge understatement. I've been playing dfo since Nexon open beta so ...yea its been a hell of a long time. Any who, I have a number of characters, around 20+ but I only play about 2-3 at any given time. My mains are Nen Empress and Elemental bomber. I am trying to get geared up for Anton. Working on a legendary set atm. I have some epic equips and 6 piece chron sets on both characters. I just want a nice guild with social people who like to play together and help others. Feel like I am always apart of a guild thats either silent or just wants to help the elite be more elite. Kinda lonely. So yea if there are any cool guilds out there...(please no immature ones) I would love to join. ^_^*
  2. AjB

    Hey there, I'm working on rebuilding a guild myself. Its just me and the original GM at the moment, however, we are a friendly bunch that just like enjoying the game and helping anyone who needs it. Looking for folks like yourself to rebuild.

    If you are interested send an app to SoulCrush or pm/mail GhostBustahx and or Santasia
  3. UnKnown_Drive Immortal Sapphire

    If you're still looking for a guild, we'd love to have you in NeonEmpire.

    We're still new, so we don't have a lot of members, but we'll definitely welcome a player who has been around since Nexon beta days. PM me or apply in-game if you're interested. o/

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