How to go about getting a Kill Joe's

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  1. So I currently have 25 mil. I have 9pc monster ruler and ghost train pants. How should I go about getting a good SS? Im' currently using Super Magtonium from power plant burning meteors. I heard it drops in EX Ghost Train, but it also sells for 200mil. What would be the best steps to take each day starting now to try and work my way towards Kill Joe's? I'm thinking get a requiem sword in 50 days (2 stones a day) and then another week or so to try and turn it into liberation and then sell it (is it possible to sell a clean +0 lib sword?) and repeat.
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    Just save up money. You can get a requiem wep and wait until you have enough for kill joe. Also do the regular ancient dailies for low grade appeasing stones. Buy a req wep with those stones then use appeasing stones to upgrade into lib. Yes +0 lib sword can sell.
  3. Where are the best places to farm?

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