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  1. Kazooie

    Hi, Im mildly new to the game, (lv 67) and ive been kinda confused about how to build my launcher, like what do i look for, or what to do to be an effecient mlauncher. What otherverse gear is best, what things do i focus on, and like just a in-depth guide would be cool cuz im confused on how to be a strong launcher. anything helps, thx c:
  2. Lil Puddin Duke of Diabeetus

    Please correct me if I'm wrong. I haven't touched Launcher lately but... His best asset is his laser if you had to compare him to his female counterpart. He is the light guy, while she is the fire lady. Kind of like reverse mechanics.

    Anyway, Quantum Theory should be the set you're looking for since it is the best for your laser and nuke. Sudden Annihilation is probably good as a second option if you had to. Basically, use your nuke whenever and spam Laser Cannon forever. Everything else is filler or utility. Super fast nukes and lasers are love and life.
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  3. Naos

    This is most of what you'll need to know for chronicle setups. Quantum Theory and the Laserholic is the dream combo, playing on our stronger version of Laser Rifle and our male launcher exclusive light element resist debuff from our lv9 Satellite Beam. Quantum Bomb is one of our strongest moves and also deals light element damage, so stacking + light damage with this equipment is great.

    Sudden Annihilation along with most ideally a +12 Liberation Cannon or other highly reinforced cannon is another option. With this setup however light stacking isn't as recommended.

    Skills to focus on will vary with whatever chronicle set or Epic weapon you manage to whip up. As you level, max everything you can. Once SP starts being scarce, I think you should max everything but M3-Flamethrower, Gatling, and FM92-Stinger. The former two are in my opinion not worth it without 3pc Sudden Annihilation, and I just don't actually like Stinger as it needs a sizable target to do its damage. The FM92-SW Stinger however is pretty nice, I think.

    As about 60/40 fixed/percent damage, reinforce and refine both are important, but I wouldn't break the wallet over reinforcement as something like male ranger would.

    Gameplay-wise just try to pay attention to your Heavy Firearm Mastery stacks. If you hold onto your skills for too long these stacks will wear off mid-skill. This is changed later but the mastery greatly helps your damage output, so using Flame Pillar or Extruder for their full duration will kill your stacks.

    That's about all I got. I'm at 85 and still trying to figure it out, lol.
  4. Kazooie

    Wow thanks guys, glad i know what to look for ahead now, much appreciated :) if i have any more questions il be sure to come back here. Thanks again

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