How I Learned to Love Spears [Battle Creator Guide]

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    (This post has long since been obsoleted with Creator's 2nd awakening, but I will leave it for posterity)

    Is playing a magical Creator just not boring enough for you? Then maybe a Battle Creator is right for you!

    "What is a Battle Creator?"

    A Battle Creator is a Creator who prefers to use their basic attack over damaging spells.

    "But my basic attack doesn't do any damage!"

    Fear not, it only does no damage because you are likely using a +0 broomstick as your weapon. While you might have thought that the Creator was an Intelligence based class that uses fixed damage, you were WRONG! A Creator's basic attack is based off of Strength and is percentage damage. Therefore, your weapon of choice should be a highly reinforced spear.

    "But my fingers get tired of clicking repeatedly!"

    You can actually alternate left and right click in order to make it easier. You will do more clicks per second, and it will be easier on your fingers.


    No, no more buts. If you make a Creator and give her a +10 Growing Spear, you can see for yourself how strong it is, and how easy it is to level up.

    --- Playstyle Overview ---

    Here is a simple video demonstrating a single Hell run:

    The general flow is:
    1) Use Wind Storm to group enemies
    2) Wood Fence them in place
    3) Click until your fingers bleed

    All other skills are rather useless for a Battle Creator, as they will deal paltry damage in comparison with the basic attack.

    --- Skills & TP Skills ---
    A Battle Creator doesn't have use of very many skills, so this list will be short.
    Skills you should max:
    Focus: Physical Critical
    Physical Rear Attack
    Interference Gauge
    Wood Fence
    Wind Gauge​

    Skills you should have at least 1 point in:
    Wind Storm
    Flame Hurricane & TP - This can give you valuable iframes to escape deadly situations.​

    Personally I also keep Ice Plate maxed anyway, because it is very easy to drop all 3 plates with right click while still using the basic attack with left click. It really doesn't do much damage, however.

    --- Gear ---

    While leveling up, you should just try to get magic sealed gear or boss uniques with Strength or Physical Critical on it. Note that it does not have to be plate armor - the mastery bonuses are more or less useless for Battle Creators.

    An elemental enchantment (i.e. Inflict Water, Inflict Shadow) will benefit your basic attack, allowing you to deal more damage based on your elemental damage.

    There are various items throughout the world which have a chance to do something on attack, such as this:
    [​IMG] (I'll try not to embed any more pictures - this post is long enough as it is)
    These items are fairly good for a Battle Creator, due to the high amount of attacks per second we are capable of.


    The Sharp Ice Spear is a very nice starter weapon for a fresh 85. It has Inflict Water, which DOES affect your basic attack. It also has a massive amount of physical critical, and it even has bonus critical damage. It's worth farming Glowing Meteors for! Here's a picture:

    A Liberation Spear is very likely the most realistic endgame spear for a Battle Creator. It has physical critical, and 16% additional (elenore) damage. It's also very easy to farm True Ancients as a Battle Creator, so getting this item is just a matter of time. Here's a picture:

    The absolute best item for a Battle Creator is an Incomplete Infinity Piercing, but good luck getting one of those. Here's a picture:

    Remember that no matter what spear you have, it must be reinforced in order to deal decent damage.
    An Inflict Element enchant is also necessary to gain damage from your elemental bonuses - your basic attack is NOT Fire by default.


    There are many, many armor sets that are viable for a Battle Creator, and I am only going to focus on the best of the best.

    Like a physical exorcist, the #1 item you can get is the epic shoulder Magic Cataclysm. This triples your basic attack's damage, basically permanently. You will need the blessing of RNGesus to find this item, however.

    A realistic set of armor you can get is the Sea God legendary set. Many magical Creators will get this set as well, but it's also good for Battle Creators. Each set piece has bonus water damage, while the 3 set bonus will give you Inflict Water (which affects your basic attack!), and the 5 set bonus will give you a whopping 20% additional (elenore) damage.

    A less realistic set of armor you can get is is the Natural Guardian epic set. As these have a chance to proc on every single one of your clicks, the damage potential is enormous; ESPECIALLY since the effects will do more damage based on your Strength. This is probably the best set a Battle Creator can get, but good luck getting the whole set.


    The Oblivious accessories from the Forgotten Land give a whopping +36 to all elemental damage. If you have an Inflict Element on your weapon like you should, then this will be a huge boost to your damage.

    The King's Ruin legendary accessories give major bonuses, if you have the patience to farm for them.

    There are millions of other accessories to choose from. Here is my current loadout:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Sub Equipment:
    Unfortunately, many of the sub equipments that would be good for a Battle Creator are class restricted to other classes. This leaves us with only a few options.

    The Ruby Spirit item from the Forgotten Land is a good starter item. It has strength, elemental damage, and Physical Critical on it.

    There really are no easily attainable sub equipments beyond that. There are some very nice legendary sub equipments out there, but good luck affording them.

    There are hardly any epic sub equips suitable for a Battle Creator. Most epic sub equips are class-locked in general, though the one good one I found is "Ziben Empire's Armband".

    Magic Stone:

    Like any other class, you should get a unique magic stone based on whichever element you deal. Since my weapon has Inflict Water, I use a Jack Frost Shape Stone.

    A starter item would be the Iridescent Metastatic Ore from the Forgotten land, which gives +18 to all elemental damage.

    That is really all I have to say. With enough patience and clicking, you will find the DPS of Battle Creators to eclipse that of magical Creators. But whether you are a magical creator or a Battle Creator, the one thing we can agree on is that Creators are the master race.
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  2. Your skills scale off int but your basic attack scales off strength?

    This is almost as bad as Chaos.

    I hope you have enough money for your carpal tunnel surgery though...
  3. Zealtron Chinese Goldbuyer

    Osu! training on DFO, genius.
  4. SteamBoy27 Radical Dreamer

    Big fan of the innovation here. Just wanted to mention that there has been a recent update to Legendary Quest Rewards in Korea. The Gracia 6pc set bonus and the GT accs specifically have mini Nature Guardian procs that can be based off either Physical or Magical stats. This is nice for Creator in general but it is a farmable Nature Guardian like effect, with the same Armor Piercing properties and low CD's. You might find it useful. My Perma classes are very excited.
  5. KYL iceman

    Is funny how you can get both the 6pc light armor set and 3pc Ghost train together, and supposedly they will both scale off the higher int / str stat.

  6. Mikaya The Incompetent One

    This just confirmed something I wanted to say about the Basic Attack being str-based but never tested it any further lol...
  7. Dice Dragon Unofficial Sader main

    Sadly most of your damage comes from procs which I feel like firewall would be better at procing.
  8. SomeRandomLoli Battle Creator

    No way, the procs help (especially versus many enemies), but most of my damage is all natural. I have other pieces of the Natural Guardian set, but I choose not to wear them.
  9. Dice Dragon Unofficial Sader main

    Can we see damage analysis? Cause in your vid your clicks do little compared to the black pool that does like 200k+ a tick.
  10. SomeRandomLoli Battle Creator

    Unfortunately, damage analysis never shows damage from the Natural Guardian set.
    The Blackness Auto Shoulder is only useful for attacking multiple enemies; on a 1-on-1 fight, I replace it with a different item for more DPS. I actually have several of the Natural Guardian pieces, but I choose not to wear most of them. The shadow one is definitely the highest DPS piece I have.
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