How do you use Blache? Is it bugged?

Discussion in 'Soul Bender' started by Daichy, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. Daichy

    My Blache with a +8 lv 55 weap only does 2 bars luckly 3 bars on ghent with full ghots, debuff, acient memory, ghost step and only 2-3 bars
    meanwhile kazan, bremen, phantasmal slayer and followed with ghost slash does about same damage.

    It should be doing around 29000% my weap as dmg and it looks like its doing half of that or even less.
    What should I be doing or Blache is this...bad?
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  2. Tales Trust

    Yeah I was going to ask the same question. My bender is level 5x and Blache does nothing. I just spam Kalla atm, hopefully it will get better at higher level... I'm glad we have free SP resets lol

    I did read this though, but have not tested:
    • The more ghosts there are before the activation, the sooner Blache will appear.
    • Blache becomes more powerful if the user summons more ghosts on the field after the activation.
    • Each ghost summoned after the awakening is used (but before Blache strikes) increases the power of Blache. The bonuses are as follows:
    • 150% boost in power: Kalla
    • Stand in Kazan when summoning Blache.
    • Have the enemy in Bremen when Blache attacks.
    • Lower the target's shadow resistance with Lunar Curtain.
    • Blache will knock the enemies down when showing up, causing the targets to get invincibility frames during the most crucial part. To get good damage, make sure the target is standing up, grabbed, or in the air.
  3. Heavenspace SoulReaper.

    What you need is to get Blache to eat every ghost. If you have tombstone triangle it helps if u use it when Blanche hits . Maxing all ghost can make Blache do about 40-100 bars when geared. More magic attack also helps having a Marbas or summer pet can increase that so can your Kazan. Keep in mind Blache's HEAD does the most damage.

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