how do you guys handle events and levelling?

Discussion in 'Questions & Answers' started by TOL, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. TOL

    ok, so as we know, all of the events relies on the optimal dungeons system, but strangely, pretty all of them reward extra exp via event dungeons, or exp items, so more often than not you'd outlevel your epic quests, and end up with this weird empty period. from what i've seen, you still need to complete them to unlock new dungeons.
    so how do you guys manage your levels? just dump exp items into another character? or am i the only idiot with this problem?
  2. RocForum Bird of Prey

    Open your quest book and look for the "Uncleared Quest" tab. Select and auto clear story quests you've outleveled
  3. TOL

    oh.....that's a thing now?
    jesus christ this game changed.

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