How do I get into Arena?

Discussion in 'PvP Discussion' started by Mido, Dec 3, 2016.

  1. Mido

    Old school Striker here trying to get back into the pvp scene.

    Made an account, arena is grayed out, what do i need to do to pvp?
  2. Vince Omega

    Level to 50 at the min. Then you can enter.

    A couple of things:
    If you haven't pvp'd since NexonDFO then it's worth noting that fair arena pvp doesn't exist in this version (it's gone forever breh)
    If you HAVE played this version in the past two years then here's what you need to know about pvp:

    Gear matters again, but not like the pre-fair arena days. The grade of your weapon affects how much damage it will be able to do (like an inferior weapon will be far weaker than a superior one), the type of weapon determines how strong it is (Epics > Legendary = Legacy = Halidom > Uniques > upgraded Chrons > Magic Seals > lol un-upgraded Chrons), level determines how good your blue text bonuses are (like a 80 epic weapon will have less hp, hit recovery, etc than the 85 epic weapon, however their main white stats will be the same. The only exception to this are the sub equips and magic stones.) Special effects do not carry over from pve to pvp.

    Also, you have a different skill build in pvp than in pve.

    That's it. Also, there's a ranked mode now.
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  3. Mido

    Damn.... thanks for the information man. Was hoping for fair arena since I didn't want to grind all the way back to 80...
    I guess I won't be playing anymore... fk

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