Hotkeys, directional inputs? Controller or Keyboard?

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  1. This is more of a general question, but I'm asking it here as I'm playing a MGrappler. I just started playing through Steam and was wondering what would be the best for long term playing. Are memorizing the directional inputs for moves better, IE Forward-Z for Knee Kick, Up-Forward-Z, Forward-Forward-Z, or is it safe to use the shortcuts? I would think the shortcuts would be easier, but you can remap the shortcut inputs.

    And is this easier for controller or keyboard?
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    There's no reason not to use hotkeys if they're available to you. You can even remap them.
    For most classes, map your buff(s) to your space bar for convenience.
    I strongly recommend mapping Wild Cannon Spike to Z because you can only use it in the air anyways and it makes it easier to cancel Tornado Kick into it. I would also suggest mapping Quaking Tiger to your space bar for a similar reason; albeit with different skills. Manually inputting Flash Move to something simple(like Forward Forward Space) is also a good idea since I feel it's a waste of a hotkey for a skill solely used for mobility.

    You can manually input whatever skills you want to but I suggest doing the above because it's simple enough that you don't have to memorize anything and saves you three hotkeys.

    This is all entirely subjective but I really do feel that setup just makes things easier without being a hindrance to anything.

    I've personally never played DFO/DNF with a controller so I can't really speak for that.
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