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    Hey, all. I was interested in seeing how you all set up your hotkeys as Rogues. This is personally how I do mine, though I'm looking to improve my setup, as well as maybe see someone else's I might like. My layout is primed for PvP, but also incorporates hotkeys for later skills (because one does need to do PvE).

    Z is my primary skill key, X is my attack key, V is my jump key, B is my secondary skill key, G is my creature skill key, and T is my supporter skill. * denotes that I have that skill set with a timer in PvP. Numbers in parenthesis are cooldowns (PvP cooldowns with daggers equipped), except for the later skills which obviously can't be used in PvP.

    Lower Tray
    Shift: Sidestep (1.2)

    Tab: Breaking Rush (5)

    A: Shining Cut (8.1)

    S: Blade Dance (6.3)

    D: Chain Saw (7.2)

    F: Bandit Cut (9)

    Upper Tray
    Q: Flying Squirrel (9.5)

    W: Hurricane (13.5)

    E: Sonic Assault (27)

    R: Excel Strike (40)

    Space: Hit End (0)

    Having Hit end hotkeyed lets you do some interesting things out of breaking rush as opposed to accidentally triggering a hit end after the rush, and having it set on space lets your hit it with your thumb no matter where your other fingers are.​

    C: Backstep (0)

    Z: Rising Cut (1.8)

    *Up Up Z: Molten Cut (7.6)

    *Down Down Z: Ankle Cut (6.3)

    *Aerial Up Up Z: Lightning arrow (20)

    *Aerial Down Down Z: Diving arrow (9)

    Dash XX: Slicer (2.3)

    Up Up X: Dark Soul (6.7)

    Down Down X: Kunai (2.3)

    *Up Up V: Vertical Spiral (18)

    I felt bad putting vertical spiral off my hotkeys, but hotkey room is extremely valuable with how many of Rogue's skills can shift up and down on the Y-axis.​

    Down Down V: Bone Shield (30)

    *Grounded V: Quick Rebound (20)

    Aerial V: Aerial Jump (0)

    *B: Double Piercer (6.3)

    *Up B: Eraser (6.3)

    *Down B: Shadow Cut (7.2)

    *Up Up B: Leap (15)

    Up Down B: Molting (110)

    Down Up B: Curse Spear (9.5)

    Down Down B: Indomitable Spirit (40)

    Up Up Down B: Exotic Rampant (???)

    Up Down Up B: Chain Saw Rush (30)

    Up Down Down B: Aslant Spiral (45)

    Down Up Up B: Excel Links (60)

    Down Up Down B: Silver Stream (120)

    Down Down Up B: Nova Remnant (???)

    Not Keyed: Ancient Memory (40)
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  3. SkyArt

    PvP[​IMG] PvE[​IMG]
    Hurricane = Space
    Lightning Arrow = Down + Space
    Ankle Cut = Down + Z
    Diving Arrow = Down + Z
    Molting = UP UP + Z
    Curse Spear = Down Down + Z
    Silver Stream = Up Up Down Down + Z
    Dark Soul = Left/Right + Z

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