Hey guys, I'm back full-time after...7(?) years!

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  1. I used to frequent DFOsource back in the day to read up on class guides and I'm so old that I remember the beta version of DFO on Nixon and I still have my old Priest avatars with the long hair and such lol (well I think I do). I played a bit here and there over the years, to check up on the updates but now that I've graduated and have my own place, I think I'll be a regular with the community.

    I've played a lot of MMORPGs, our generation grew up with them, and to this day I still can't find as good of free MMORPG games as Vindictus and DFO. It's good to be back.
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  2. SillyCow Cat Pig Cow Man

    Welcome to the future, my dude.
    Hope to see you around.

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