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  1. CzDG

    I was wondering about was which Olympus titles would be better to get..

    Power gives
    Physical/Magical/Independent Atk + 75
    Physical/Magical Crit +3%
    Max MP/HP + 300
    Hit Rate +3%

    and Grace gives
    STR/INT/SPI/VIT +100
    Independent Atk + 75
    Physical/Magical Crit +3%
    Max MP/HP + 300
    Hit Rate +3%

    The magic atk formula I found on the wiki was (Base Weapon Magical Power) * (1 + INT / 250) + (Magical Piercing Damage). Assuming my weapon has 1k magic atk, then the 100 Intelligence from the Grace title would increase my magical atk by 400. So why would anyone ever choose to get the Power of Olympus? Or am I using the formula wrong?
  2. Pyros

    The matk you get is affected by your int also. Say you have 5000 int and 1000base matk:
    100int gives 21400matk total
    75matk gives 22575matk total.

    The more int you have, the better matk gets in comparison to 100 int. And since you get A TON of int from support classes in groups, it makes it worse and worse.

    Always use matk on % classes, unless the difference is overwhelming(like 10attack versus 500int). The int title is for fixed classes which don't benefit at all from magical/physical attack.

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