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Discussion in 'Ranting & Venting' started by MikuHatsune, Nov 16, 2016.

  1. MikuHatsune

    I have a goblin pin..

    All my money is gone, all my "untradable" avatars are gone, most of my "untradable" epics are gone.

    I don't get it, how could this happen.
  2. Jaðarsormr 抜けない事があきらかだからって、オレが努力しなくていいって事にはならない

    One of my Raid Party members is in the same situation - no Avatars, no Epics, no Savior.

    I'm 99.9% sure that you've filled that scam survey from Mailbox. That's how it happened.

    EDIT: Oh, and Goblin Pad is nothing - Necrofancy already explained that in this post before.
  3. The Winged Professor だが断る!

    The "security" measures of the goblin pad and security card are completely meaningless because if they have your username and pass they can deactivate it without an email confirmation. This was brought up a while ago and they said they were doing something about it, but it's been about a year since they ever mentioned it.

    The closest thing to a security measure is the lock feature which only ensures you three days to figure out your account has been compromised AND get Neople to put that account on lock down.

    But either two-factor or email confirmation would fix this issue... no idea why it was never addressed. Korea this problem is much more rare because your account is tied to your cell phone.
  4. The Winged Professor だが断る!

    Internet Explorer has nothing to do with sending an email confirmation if you change account data. But other than that, they generally track things via cellphone. They no longer use SSN because identity fraud became an issue.
  5. i only posted that there because my train of thought is IE mandated by law -> IE is widely regarded as a joke of a browser (at least prior to Microsoft Edge) -> Security centered around IE is probably going to be a joke -> general incompetence with security measures.

    LastPass likes reminding me constantly that dfoneople.com's login form is insecure despite being delivered over https, so i'm just waiting for the day when my unique DFOG password gets stolen via cross site scripting or some shit like that.

    also basing my cynicism on the fact that Japanese consumer technology seems to suck ass and generally be stuck in the 90s, continuing the trend i've seen of East Asian consumer technology generally sucking ass, but that's probably just me extrapolating too hard.
  6. Mormolycia Administrator

    unless someone hacked the neople's db ( which would be a disaster) it's most likely users are falling for phishing tactics, that's about it.

    there's no other way one can get hacked unless you got tricked somehow which is the case 99% of the time; you just don't get hacked out of the blue.

    keep in mind there was a ton of db leaks and users could be using the same log-in with other sites


    never leave yourself vulnerable.
  7. @Poison yeah, i've heard a lot about how seemingly unrelated database hacks like the Aeria Games one results in people losing their account access elsewhere, because reused passwords.

    i kept this in mind for DFOG and have been using a unique password for it ever since they removed mandatory Facebook integration, but i still don't really believe that'll help in the long run, given how flimsy literally everything about the game and website's security is.

    if it comes down to it, i can just have LastPass generate a new password for it, although it'll be really fucking annoying having to log in to LastPass, copy the password, then paste it in the launcher every time i have to log in.

    if i end up getting hacked i guess i'll use it as a good excuse to quit DFOG. pretty sad to admit that i'm so dug in to DFOG that i need a hacker to wean me off the game, but it is what it is.
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