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  1. Gates of Sorrow
    Easiest guild dungeon. This is where your m.sealed alts should grind for dailies.
    • 3 different map layouts: boss at left, middle, and right.
    • Zombies: Counter attack them during fire animation to one shot them
    • Scythe Women: Nothing special
    • Priest-looking men: Shoots gusts of wind that can confuse and/or slow you down (affects movement and attack speed)
    • Spearmen: Have lots of super armor. Use holds/freezes or your own super armor moves.
    • Ghostly Archers: Invincible if held, grabbed, frozen, stunned, etc. Extruder will bug out the mob and cause you to restart the dungeon.
    • Crystal: Summon the zombies that you want to counterattack. Kill it first.
    • Special map layout monsters: Red Zombies: try to attach to you and blow up on you [Left map]. Shield monsters: attack from behind for more damage [Right map].
    • Boss: Can summon more monsters into the room. Ghostly images of himself moves forward with slashes. Low HP.

    Land of Torment
    • Room 1: Grab the ice aura and move through the room. In parties only 1 person gets the aura, so let a melee get it and follow that person.
    • Room 2: More Trash: Red Zombies and little imps.
    • Room 3: Pillars heal zombies near their lava pit. Pillars shoot out fireballs that knock you down. Kill pyromancer and zombies to move on. Another Ice aura if you missed out on it. You do not need to kill the pillars to move on to the next room.
    • Room 4: Boss is invincible in Fire, so wait for him to move out of it (or use your own displacement skills to move him around). Standing in the fire he calls down on you will kill you. The damage even goes through invincible frames and being up in the air won't save you (so f.spits watch out and m.mages' immortality invincibility will not work).
    • Boss Room: Jumps at you and puts a bomb on you which will kill you. If you're very fast, you can avoid the jump. Otherwise, accept your death or use invincible frames to avoid it. Will throw oils around the room and light it up as well. Best to keep him held/frozen/juggled for an easier time.

    Valley of Destruction
    • Room 1: Ice slimes that knock down ice and try to eat you
    • Room 2: Move one of the ice cubes all the way to the left to remove the fire wall. Zombies and Frost jets will get in your way.
    • Room 3: Named monster will mark someone to have ice pillars follow him (keep moving). Can summon icicles from above. Also can resummon the zombies.
    • Room 4: Teleporting priests who take more damage in the darkened ice areas. Will do an ice explosion occasionally but will definitely do it when they die. Otherwise they just shoot ice orbs.
    • Boss Room: He can bleed you and face pound you similar to Fighters' Mount skill. He teleports to the middle (invincible during this part) and does ice spikes around him and summons orbs. After a short time, he'll do an explosion that freezes and damages you. Picking up an orb will replenish some hp and mp and give movement speed.
    To avoid the explosion move to the very right side of the room, or the upper left corner of the room. If he misses (which I wasn't sure if I was in the air during the explosion which caused this special pattern), he'll do a blue explosion that freezes and damages you, but most importantly he kneels down and is vulnerable to damage. Best to keep him held since he can teleport out of air juggles.​

    Cave of Grief
    • Room 1: Shield Monsters. Hit them from behind for more damage. Grab fire to avoid being perma-frozen from the ground fog.
    • Room 2: Archers with super armor and freezing arrows. More Shield Mobs. Pillar with annoying freezing crystals.
    • Room 3: Source of Cold: Feet stomp = ice shards in front of him. "I'm flying...flying" is a charge (run him into a rock for stun). Swirly Clap = jump to avoid mega damage. Final flame is in this room. If you die after picking up the fire you WILL NOT keep the fire aura and start experiencing the perma-freeze mechanic.
    • Room 4: Shield Mobs, More Archers.
    • Boss Room: Icicles from above. Ice spikes around her. "Freeze to death" = move around.

    Maze of Betrayal
    • Room 1 & 2: Counter attack the zombies. Room 2 has corpses that spawn more zombies if you stay near them too long.
    • Room 3: Destroy all crystals to bring down shield. Hide from flames at the sides, top or bottom of the room. Standing in any of the small circles or the big circle long enough will trigger flame throwers (all 4 with the middle circle).
    • Room 4: Pair up a red and a blue knight to keep them from respawning. It's easier to bring the red knights to the blue knights. Method #2: Use Screen/Super huge AOE to kill them all at once and rush to the door. You forfeit any loot in this room by doing so.
    • Room 5: Anti-cube room. Don't use cubes unless you have an aoe grab/freeze/interrupt. The Defender Lavas normally just jump and stun you with their hammers. If you use a cube they will roll around the room 5 times leaving fire trails. The fire hurts.
    • Boss room: Teleports to 3 places to put up statues. If 3 statues are up it'll do massive room wide damage that will kill you. Either invincible frame it or destroy statues as they come up. He is invincible when teleporting to statue. Flame slash and dash slash attacks.
    He does take damage from the orange rock splash from statues (~1.2mil per splash hit while you take like 700 damage from it) if he's touching the statues. So use statues to your advantage to chunk off more damage. He can be held if you want him in one spot to kill him faster.​

    Hall of Eternity
    • Room 1: Spearman (super armor moves). Hold or use your own super armor moves
    • Room 2: Ghostly Archers. DO NOT USE HOLD/FREEZE/GRAB/EXTRUDER as they will become invincible.
    • Room 3: More Spearmen
    • North Room Mini-Boss: Starts by summoning a shield. Damage reflect when hitting shield while being near the shield. Fire ball that splits into 3. Semi-homing fireballs. Summon Stones that don't do much. Hold him at the beginning and wreak havoc.
    • Room 4: More Spearmen and Ghostly Archers. Be wary of freeze/stun/holds/extruder on the ghostly archers.
    • Prince Room: Lots of super armor. Draw Sword that moves him. Jump slash. Burning slash of pain. Flame animation near feet = Lightning stun (move up or down to avoid, or jump high enough). Can be frozen, but less likely than other bosses.
    • South Room Mini-Boss: Try to grab her at the beginning. Can be juggled to death. Teleports and summon ice spears. Ice spikes spawn in room that shoots ice orbs that causes freeze (annoying but can be killed). She can ice slash you to freeze you.
    • 2 Empty Rooms: buff up/swap up heal up.
    • Saya Boss Room: Can be held at the very beginning if you're fast enough. All her moves can drain your mp if you get hit by it. Summons orbs that follow and freeze you until you bring it to one of the 3 snowflake circles. If they aren't brought to a circle, they become an ice field that damages and freeze. Stand in the circle when luring an ice orb will give you a buff that makes the freeze last like 1 millisecond.
    If you're frozen when she does her snowflake circle slash, it is a one-shot hit. Ice curtain pushes back everyone (including Junk Spin assists). Invincible when Crying (she turns blue). Summons ice pillars (very telegraphed). Blizzard in the room just pushes people around to one side.​

    Let me know if I missed anything or want to clarify something.
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  2. Einwand

    If you time it right you can grab/interrupt the fire mage in halls of eternity immediately after he becomes active to skip having to deal with the reflect gimmick.
    Grabbing all of the orbs that the valley of destruction boss spawns deals a whole bunch damage to him, according to guild members.
  3. ElderGOD

    Good to see someone take the time to actually do a video. Thanks.
  4. Dowiet Fucking Psychopath

    the ice girl that spawns the ice things that freeze you. If she hits you while you are frozen it does a lot of damage kinda like the princess.

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